We like nuts

Love nuts!  The nuttiness of the almond, the bitter tannin giving way to the rich meat of the walnut, the sweetness of the pecan, the creaminess of the cashew.

I think my favorite nut is the hazelnut.  There’s just something special about that flavor.

I like them best roasted and lightly salted, though second best without salt.  I miss TJ’s half salted nuts– they had the right amount.  (#2 likes a lot of salt)

Male chocolate chip cookies are my favorite.

Sometimes I will add roasted salted nuts to the ice cream I’m eating.  Nom.

#1: What kind of nuts do you like?

#2: many kinds
cashews. pecans. walnuts. hazelnuts. pistachios. almonds.

#1: hm
I think you will have to add to the blog post yourself
too complicated for me!

#2: hee

#1: and I’m sure CPP will say that our tastes in nuts are plebeian

#2: hehe
I like almost all nuts I have ever tried.

#1: I’m actually not crazy about brazil nuts

#2: I will eat them in with other things

#1: I used to really like macadamia

#2: oooo I forgot those. Those are really good!

#1: and I think I still like small (hazelnut sized) macadamia chunks in double chocolate chunk cookies

#2: I like macadamia

#1: I like to say macadamia

#2: gazebo

#1: exactly

What is your favorite nut?

26 Responses to “We like nuts”

  1. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    What the f*cke are “male chocolate chip cookies”?

  2. Pilgrim/Heretic Says:

    I will eat all the Brazil nuts you guys leave behind. It is the yummiest of all nuts.

  3. Linda Says:

    I think I’ll have to say that my favorite nut is the humble peanut. (Which isn’t really a nut, I know.) They are pretty easy to find wherever you are when you’ve got a craving for some nuts, and they are still manageable for me with the stupid orthodontia. Almonds are lovely but in their whole state they are completely off the snack list until the stupid orthodontia is done.

    My least favorite nut is the macadamia. It’s too bland and fatty tasting for me. (Does that sound like a strange thing to say about a nut?)

    Trader Joe’s Blister Peanuts are the most awesome peanuts ever. Unfortunately the extra crunchiness of them is a problem for me now with the stupid orthodontia so I will have to make do with softer peanuts for another year. (Can you tell I’m really hating the orthodontia these days?) I like the unsalted Blister Peanuts the best. Salt is good, but most nuts have wayyyyy too much salt on them for my taste.

  4. rented life Says:

    Walnuts, hands down. When the grocery store has male chocolate chip cookies I buy them, since making a whole batch just for me is not a good idea.

  5. chacha1 Says:

    I am a walnut lover. Ground walnuts go on my oatmeal every morning. For your end-of-the-workday snack, a handful of lightly salted mixed nuts is great (much better than a bag of chips, nutritionally speaking). … Pecan pie is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy. I make mine with 50% cranberries, and maple syrup instead of corn syrup. But I also made this pie with walnuts once when the Texas pecan crop crashed and they were $16/pound.

    Got some organic dark-chocolate-covered cashews at the movie theatre last week. Best movie snack ever.

  6. becca Says:

    Macademia nuts are the most expensive of all nuts, therefore they must be the most delicious/desirable (they aren’t any healthier, so it must be yumminess). Economics proves it!
    /textbook case of “a little econ knowledge is a terrible thing”

    Seriously though, if they weren’t so pricey I would eat a lot more macademia nuts. They also make the best boy cookies.

  7. Donna Freedman Says:

    I want to make a joke about “academia nuts” here….
    My favorite nut isn’t really a nut: the peanut. Second-place finisher is the almond, if it’s covered with chocolate and/or an M&M candy shell.
    My dad’s property in New Jersey has both walnut and hickory nut trees on it. He leaves them to the squirrels. Argh! If I lived there I’d be gleaning like mad.

  8. Perpetua Says:

    For me, toasted pecans on and in things, and almonds and peanuts for snacking. I live in a place where I can get fantastic local peanuts in the shell, roasted and salted. I’d forgotten how good peanuts could be!

  9. Debbie M Says:

    I like all nuts. I used to be not wild about walnuts because they tasted bitter, but I haven’t noticed that in a while. So I normally just pick whatever’s cheapest or otherwise handy.

    Yet I normally prefer female cookies, brownies, pancakes, and ice cream (unless it’s some kind of nut butter ice cream. I might prefer male banana bread. And of course male pecan pie: the more masculine, the better. (I tasted one with almost no goo at all over Thanksgiving–yum!) I think I like male and female M&Ms equally or might be pro peanut. And I slightly prefer female chocolate bars, but only because they last longer (I let them melt in my mouth instead of chewing them.) I like my peanut butter crunchy except in recipes (cake, cookies, brownies…)

    Note that if saltiness levels are too high, you can mix and match.

    Also, I hate to be evil by introducing this if you haven’t heard of it, but Blue Diamond makes a chocolate almond that is extremely tasty (and pricy). It’s not really a chocolate-covered almond. It just has a thin coating of cocoa powder and sugar. If it’s not available in your local stores in nowhere-ville, you can probably get some online. Good gifts, I’m thinking. (Also you can mix nuts and chocolate chips together, along with other things–such as goji berries to make them last longer when you’re chewing or chopped up candied ginger–and then melt it drop spoonfuls onto waxed paper to make pretty nice gifts. Actually they are ugly.)

  10. Belle Says:

    Almonds & pistachio. Plain, salted. Just had a fabulous pistachio ice cream pie that was topped with salted pistachios and we all just drooled over how good it was precisely because it was salty, nutty, soft, chewy & crunchy all at once.

  11. NoTrustFund Says:

    chocolate covered nuts of all types. There’s a candy shop below my office that sells ‘all nut bridge mix’ and it’s my favorite.
    If they are not covered in chocolate, I’d have to go with almonds and pistachios like Belle. I also really like cashews.

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