• DC2 is hitting gross motor milestones as early as or earlier than DC1, but we aren’t getting as much commenting on hir freakish nature.  I think that’s because DC2 is really big (90% height, 50-80% weight depending which month), and DC1 was tiny (settled at 20% weight and hir 80% height was mostly legs).  So random strangers would incredulously ask us how old DC1 is, but with DC2 I think they’re just assuming ze is an older child so we’re not having those conversations.  My mom says one of her brothers got in trouble a lot for that– people would complain to my grandma and she would say, “He’s only 5” or what have you.
  • Anonymous author, you keep saying, “to our knowledge we are the first”… but that is only because you did a crappy crappy literature review.  You would be much better off not saying that.  Especially since my simple google search has turned up tons of papers contradicting your claim in the first two pages.
  • Also, just because you can conceive of no reason that the instrument is endogenous doesn’t mean that other, smarter, people cannot.  And it doesn’t take that much more intelligence.
  • Got so tired of writing “CITE” on term papers that I got a stamp that says CITE.  *stamp* *stamp*
  • I am amazed at the number of people who get to our blog because they’re trying to decide between marrying a friend and marrying a lover.  Hint:  if you can’t decide, don’t get married.  It’s like that friend of Anne Shirley’s who couldn’t decide which of two handsome wealthy suitors to choose until she fell head over heels in love with a poor ministry student and the choice was obvious.
  • I gave my dataset a somewhat salacious name and now every time I work with it I get a song from Hair stuck in my head.
  • Sent an email to my chair before the last meeting, asking him to please step in if I get attacked again.  No response.  Went to the faculty meeting anyway, even asked a question.  Did not get attacked (though the dean was in attendance, so maybe that’s why).  Went to another faculty meeting that the attacking guy didn’t attend– that meeting got out 30 min early!  We did what we needed to do and left.  It was awesome.
  • DC1, in fact, did not cry when Matthew died (in the book).   Ze hardly seemed to be paying attention.  I feel a bit teary-eyed still.
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8 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Perpetua Says:

    I still cry every time I read about Matthew’s death. Christopher Robin didn’t cry, or even bat an eye, when Charlotte died.

  2. Cloud Says:

    You’re right about the big kid thing. There is an exceptionally tall 3 y.o. in Petunia’s class, and even thought I KNOW she is only 3, I still catch myself wondering why she can’t talk better than she does. Strange.

  3. becca Says:

    Random thought: somebody should run the correlation between height and ADHD diagnosis.

  4. Dr. Koshary Says:

    I love your new CITE stamp! After my last round of paper-marking, I’m looking around for its opposite-end-of-spectrum counterpart: RE-WORD WITHOUT HUGE QUOTATION.

    • rented life Says:

      Yes! A “Don’t use direct quotes” stamp or something. That’s great that students can copy and paste but clearly you can’t tell me what it means. ugh.

      I think the CITE stamp should be a specialized item n&m sell: have it say “grumpies” or something on the handle :)

  5. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Speaking of books with death in them, have you got your kiddes the book about those soccer players whose plane crashes in the Andes mountains and they have to eat each others dead bodies to survive? Itte’s called “Alive”, by Piers Paul Read, and itte’s f*cken AWESOME!

  6. badacademic2 Says:

    oh i always get sad at Matthew’s death. And yes, Phillippa from Anne of the Island. Oh how I love those books! I have nothing substantive to say, just excitement that those books were mentioned.

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