Google elves answer your questions

Q:  what is the role you play in government

A:  mainly advisory

Q:  why does my sister constantly try to make herself better thn me

A:  Because sisters are like that.  You’re just now figuring that out?

Q:  what do u with children if they dont want to do anything

A:  Tell them to unload the dishwasher.

Q:  best enrichment activities for 5 year old daughter

A:  According to “What’s going on in there,” piano lessons, violin lessons, and Mandarin.  We’re big fans of swimming, as it can save a life.  Also we like reading.

Q:  grad school paid, shoudl i go?

A:  Only if you want to.

Q:  why would you tell somone they are from the mid-west?

A:  Because they are awesome!

Q:  effects of spending money

A:  You end up with less money.  But you generally have either goods or services.

Q:  why montessori kids have so little outdoor playtime

A:  They don’t.  Different daycares have different amounts of playtime.  Plenty of montessoris have lots of outdoor playtime.  More likely you mean why do many part-time daycares have so little outdoor playtime.  And that’s because they save outdoor playtime for the full-time kids because p/t parents want to get their money’s worth from the preschool experience (and f/t parents often want that too but also don’t mind the daycare portion of the preschool day).

Q:  is .047 more than .47

A:  No

Q:  why does the government want people to give to charity?

A:  So it can provide fewer services.

4 Responses to “Google elves answer your questions”

  1. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Q: is .047 more than .47

    Godde help us all.

  2. Liquid Says:

    Lol, wise advice from the Google elves. The last one is funny, but probably very true. People talk about how bloated the government is, and in certain areas it might be, but overall it’s not that bad. The public sector is much bigger in Canada (^_-)

  3. Foscavista Says:

    “Q: why would you tell somone they are from the mid-west?

    A: Because they are awesome!”

    I concur.

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