Dear Family,

I love you all so very much and I am so grateful to have you in my life.  I love getting tiny presents from you at Christmas, because you were thinking of me.  I love shopping and trying to find the perfect gift for you.  I love Skyping you and seeing pictures of your new baby.  I love you all.

That having been said, there are some things I really have enough of.  I really don’t need as many gifts, just a card or a book or a photo is great.  Or a letter.  But if you’re going to get me gifts, we’ve got more than enough of:

  • beer steins / glasses.  We love the ones we got this year from family, all with personal meaning, but we have to store them and only one of us drinks beer at all (and I’m a lightweight).  We’re at the max.
  • scarves.  They are gorgeous and I often wear them, but I only have one neck!  Likewise earrings, though many of you have beautiful taste:  I have only 2 ears.
  • candles.  We don’t need more, thanks.
  • re-useable bags for groceries or whatever.  I love them, but we now have quite a collection.
  • placemats or other kitchen pretty things.  We don’t entertain, and we’re not fancy.  We carefully fold these things up and keep them for a year or until the next move, whichever comes first, then they go to Goodwill.  Or get regifted.

Please do keep sending books, if you want.  We can never have too many!  Also tiny, handcrafted chocolates are always appreciated.  We don’t need money but thank you for the checks; we’ll use them for something fun.  Tiny things that make you think of us are great.  I actually like socks.  Once again, we love you, and thank you.  But please stop with the candles.

Readers, is there anything you’ve gotten too many of, or that people just keep on getting you?

#2 notes that her partner’s mother got her an incredibly nice bathrobe… that is almost identical to the one her partner’s mother got her a few years back and is still in great shape.  #2 also notes that she believes there are still candles from wedding presents stored in her parents basement.  She hates candles and flowers.  Fortunately people seem to have stopped getting her either.  #2 also wonders what her partner’s sister is going to do now that there’s no longer anything marked “low” or “lowest” priority on #2’s Amazon wishlist.  She might have to go up to medium!  (Not that #2 is sensing a pattern or anything… And really, she shouldn’t feel obligated to get anything at all!)

24 Responses to “Dear Family,”

  1. plantingourpennies Says:

    Themed items and dust catchers. Just because I find the otters in our backyard adorable does not mean I want every gift/card to be otter themed – and the tiny ceramic otter statue is the worst. What am I supposed to do with it? Put it with the other tiny ceramic statue that you got me last Christmas that annoys me and gathers dust? =(

  2. Leah Says:

    For the first few years, my husband’s family got me random, generic gifts that were nice but not really my thing. But now that we know each other better, I get really thoughtful stuff from them. I try to avoid most gift exchanges to avoid precisely the stuff you talk about. Since I only trade with people I actually see (pretty much just family), I get nice things. Of course, I still get too much. But I also often use that as an excuse to clear some stuff out and make a thrift store donation run.

  3. Zenmoo Says:

    My daughter got a combined total of 4 different ‘memory’ games (to go with the 3 she had already) for Christmas & her birthday a week later.

    And nobody need ever give me a vase ever again

  4. NoTrustFund Says:

    We’ve really cut down on gift giving in our families and this is a good reminder why. I got a lot of chocolate this year, but that’s fine by me!

  5. oilandgarlic Says:

    Candles should be banned as a gift option! Even if someone loves candles, they can probably get their own.

    We don’t really do gift exchanges in my family anymore, just for kids now. I may have to ask for experience-gifts like zoo memberships or clothes/shoes because the toy stash is getting too much!

  6. hush Says:

    No more candles please, amen! You’ve never seen me burn a candle in my home, and that fact should tell you all you need to know about my preferences.

  7. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Part of my family decided this year that instead of giving each other stupid crappe that no one wants and is just going to get thrown in a closet and disappear forever, we would each designate a charity that the others would then donate to on our behalf.

  8. min hus Says:

    I’ll take your candles, scarves and earrings! Heck, I almost asked for scarves, except I was afraid of what they might look like. I’m sick of PJs (I have freakishly long legs, regular PJ pants don’t cut it), video games (from the boyfriend, which I never play) and weird food I’d never eat.

  9. First Gen American Says:

    I’ve had a falling out with the people who gave the thoughtless/useless gifts so I thankfully don’t get much useless stuff anymore. I have actually received a talking fish, weight set for women, and a whole manner of random gifts grabbed from the center gift isle during the holidays (paperweights, etc). Definitely any kind of decorative nick nacks should be on the banned list.

  10. MutantSupermodel Says:

    I would love scarves and candles and earrings too. And chocolates. And books.
    I don’t really get too much of anything. My family and friends do a good job of mixing it up. Although now that I think about it, I’m really good with purses. I have too many and love them all.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Purses can be cute, but unless they are very specific, you probably won’t use most of the gifts every day. I feel like it’s a very personal decision, like shoes: you have to try them on first.

  11. rented life Says:

    Necklaces with matching earrings. I don’t usually wear stuff all matchy-matchy, I don’t like how that looks. Paper products! Please stop buying me CHEAP knock-off post its that don’t stick to anything anywhere. Totally defeats the purpose of it being a post it. I like my post-its. I like buying them myself because I am that picky about pens and paper things. I didn’t even ask for them this year (I stopped when I got tons of knock-off ones that I learned don’t stick), and yet somehow I got 6 packets of them again. Husband is taking them to work. We don’t ask for tea lights for the same reason. we were given some a few years ago that only lasted one hour and the wicks would be misssing entirely. Not cool. We didn’t see the in-laws this year who always give us stuff that goes to goodwill.

  12. sarah Says:

    for us it’s more that we have clean, modern taste and are always being given kitcy or frilly things. sorry but i can’t cook in an apron with 2 pounds of lace or drink from a mug shaped like a boot. call it a disorder.

  13. Revanche Says:

    It’s not a thing I have too much of but that I hope to never get again: Swarovski. I mean, they’re super shiny/sparkly which I like but it doesn’t mean I want to own it. The gift was adorable but … what .. do you DO with them? I don’t have a display case of any sort and don’t want one, my bookshelves are for books which I read regularly so I can’t and don’t want to load kitschy things in front of the books sooo. It’s just one of those things I think you have to be a collector of, y’know?

    Books. Books and food I’m always in favor of. But clothing that’s too big for me because you can’t remember after umpteen years to clue into the fact that I only wear the smallest sizes manufactured, knick knacks or other things that have no practical purpose – yeeeeee.

  14. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Obviously #1 needs more piercings. (Says the blogger without any…)

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