RBOChild (bragging about)

Because if you can’t brag on an anonymous blog, all that’s left is the grandparents…

  • Recently took DC2 on a trip.  Everywhere we went ze charmed folks.  Walking across/down the street we’d hear drivers or other pedestrians tell each other that babies like ours make them want one.
  • DC2 has bright eyes.  Everyone says so.
  • Lots of people guessed at how old DC2 was on our latest trip.  Most were shocked that they were off by 2-4 months.
  • We got a lot of comments about how amazingly advanced it was that DC2 was doing assisted walking at this age… but ze has been doing it for at least two months now.  More if you count the time it was just newborn reflex walking.
  • DC1 didn’t start solids until 8+ months.  DC2 started at 4 months.  Apparently this is ok because there was a pediatrics rule change, but we’ve just been going with the signs of readiness (baby wants food and doesn’t tongue thrust it out, baby can have food).  Whenever we eat food ze is totally demanding.  Especially ice cream.
  • DC2 has been practicing the pincer grasp.  We’re a bit blown away by that.  But we hope it will decrease meal-time fussiness.
  • DC2 recently realized that rolling over is a legit form of locomotion.  Ze can now travel a plane with a combination of rolling and turning in circles.  Ze still prefers assisted walking.
  • DC2 can stand on hir own.
  • DC2 has no fear.  But ze has recently been getting a little stranger anxiety.
  • On the plane ride back DC2 discovered squealing and squeaking.  We really hope this phase passes quickly.

Join me… brag about your kid(s) and/or cat(s) here!  Say that stuff you complain about other people posting on facebook.  We promise we will only celebrate and not judge.  :D

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33 Responses to “RBOChild (bragging about)”

  1. Leah Says:

    My cat made my MIL’s annual holiday letter! Twice! And she is adorable and awesome. She gets mad if we go out of town, but our friends all love coming over to hang out with her, so it balances out okay.

    The other day, there were ants in her food, and she was definitely perturbed. She’s such a funny little thing with a distinct personality.

  2. bogart Says:

    This made me laugh: “Apparently this is ok because there was a pediatrics rule change…” Good that your DCs stay up on the latest research (I’m assuming of course that all pediatrics rule changes are strictly evidence-based).

    Mine is just utterly snuggly and delightful (except of course when he’s not, but we’re not mentioning those moments here, are we?). He’s very engaged with applying logic and seeing things from different perspectives, has an astoundlngly good memory, and has a remarkably good arm (not yet paired with a remarkably good sense of mission) on a disc golf course.

  3. Tinkering Theorist Says:

    My kindergartener likes to refer to his dinosaur toys using their real names, like pachycephalosaurus. People are always impressed that he knows so many long names. The funny thing is his little sister also knows almost all of the same names and says them quite well, just not usually in front of strangers.

    Are you saying that you had never heard it called disc golf (instead of frisbee golf) or that you had never heard of frisbee golf at all? Because that sounds strange, but maybe it’s not as popular in the regions where you’ve lived.

    I agree it’s fun to watch them with the pincer grasp. I wish I could watch DC2–ze seems so cute!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Dinosaur naming is awesome! So does that mean head like an elephant?

      Frisbee golf sounds familiar.

      • Tinkering Theorist Says:

        I guess it means thick headed–they can ram their heads into things (presumably predators, or each other to fight). There’s a scene in one of the Jurassic Park movies where somebody is talking about how well designed they are for ramming into things, and then one of them rams into a Jeep.
        I just looked it up and pachyderm means thick skinned, and also long ago Pachydermata was an order that turned out to not be a good grouping in terms of how things are actually related to each other (it had hippos and elephants and rhinos which are all in different orders now), so elephants are now in the order Proboscidea. Obviously people can still use the word pachyderm, though.

  4. chacha1 Says:

    My little black cat is the cutest little black cat in the world. She has big green eyes like one of H. Beam Piper’s Fuzzies, and an overbite so her fangs hang out over her bottom lip, and plushy minky fur. She is left-handed when she is trying to steal Rama’s Ribs from your plate, but right-handed when she is giving her feline cohabitant the beat down. She runs to meet me at the door when I get home from work and sleeps curled up by my head all night. She also caught a hummingbird once. Fortunately she did not know what to do with it, and I got it away from her missing a couple of feathers but otherwise unharmed.

  5. becca Says:

    We had a family hand-stand off last night. While I am proud of my kidlet (age: 3.5) for being able to do handstands against the wall, I actually think it’s far more impressive that Carebear (age: too dang old) can still do them.

    But kidlet at gymnastics today was very impressive with flexibility- better stretches and splits than the other kids (they are all a bit older than he is). And! They’ve started rings!!! Oh gosh. All the kids look adorable upside down on rings! So cute!

    Also, kidlet is finally playing war/uno/go fish/”cheesy” (parcheesi)/dominos, which is good because I was SO SICK of Candyland. We went a little game-crazy this year for xmas, but it’s really nice to have some good stuff to do together.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:


      Btw, with games, we recommend Lego Draida just as soon as your kid is old enough for legos. You know, if you don’t mind raising a little nerdlet who loves dungeon crawls…

      • becca Says:

        Kidlet is old enough to use legos. Must see about Lego Draida…. I fear my geekling’s cred will be diminished by the fact we don’t watch Dr. Who together.
        Man. I can’t wait until he’s old enough for Munchkin.

  6. QueSera Says:

    DC2 sounds adorable! Mijito is so smiley that he couldn’t help but smile at the injection nurse before and after he got the shots. She LOVED him. He’s so beautiful that people have started going out of their way to see him. I seriously believe the world will be a better place with him smiling his way through it. He’s just so easy going, loving, and good natured. Oh he also does the rolling across the plane to get things. Cracks me up. And inhales solids whereas mijo started them later.

  7. First Gen American Says:

    My older one uses big words. My younger one is a terror but also incredibly funny. I find it hard to gush about my kids because of the way I was brought up, but I do try hard to complement them on good behavior because I only received criticism growing up.

  8. MutantSupermodel Says:

    I’m having issues with the bragging thing too. Which is TOTES LAME.
    Let’s see…
    My littlest one has a twinkle in his eye. I smiled when I read yours has sparkle. I thought it was just me but several people mention it to me– especially when he’s feeling silly and/or mischievous. Also, I think maybe he can read. I need to test him with some flash cards.

    My middle one is the best dancer in her class. She always steals the show and is the one everyone talks about after the show, any show, ends. Everyone wants her for their shows and everyone puts her in the front row. And yet she’s totally not a snob. She always is the first to help someone out. And she’s super affectionate and caring towards others.

    My oldest one is well on his way to awesome geekdom. He got a 3DS from my mother this Christmas and once we got Netflix loaded on there, he watches Mythbusters non-stop. He also continues to be a voracious reader and he’s a RE-READER which drives me nuts but hey at least with him I know buying books is a really good investment. He can read a book three, four, five times easy. His books are all trashed from how many times he reads them and how he takes them EVERYWHERE he goes.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:


      (And we at Grumpy Rumblings think there is nothing wrong with rereading… otherwise why own books at all?)

      • MutantSupermodel Says:

        I can’t re-read! I start to and then I’m like I KNOW THIS STORY and then stop LOL The only book I re-read is The Little Prince. Although now that I’m older and looking for lots of comfort reading, I might start re-reading some good ol Anne Rice books.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Sometimes the second time through you can appreciate different aspects that focusing on the plot the first time kept you from spending enough time on.

  9. rented life Says:

    ice cream sounds like the perfect thing to be demanding on.
    Male cat is good at comforting people when they’re dreaming. He lies on husband and purs until husband stops shaking (he’s a violent dreamer and hard to wake up.)
    Female cat is awesome because she loves music. and she always supervises exercising which is hilarious. I don’t know how she knows but as soon as one of us gets on the elliptical, starts doing pilates, using weights, she’s there. Watching.Looking pleased.
    And we figure when I get pregnant our kid will be awesome too.

  10. hush Says:

    My 5 year old is extremely well-liked at school, and has a high emotional intelligence. I was really proud of him for being brave enough to tell me that he felt really jealous when he recently saw me holding a friend’s newborn baby. He said: “This sounds silly, Mama, but I’m worried you are going to trade me in for this other baby because you like him more than me.” Two local friends of ours who are expecting their first babies have point blank asked us what we did to cause him to turn out so well. Which obviously felt super validating, though I strongly suspect he was born that way, I did not say so!

    My 3 year old has an incredible sense of humor. We’re constantly amazed at the way she knows how to make other kids and adults crack up. She loves to watch SNL and she’s very scientific about figuring out why something in one of their skits is funny or not, and asks lots of probing questions.

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