Google questions and answers

Q:  will i be better than my parenta

A:  How could we not?  Grammar (or spelling) makes the world go round.

Q:  what are the qualities of life for a super skinny person?

A:  very low BMI

Q:  why called pieces of eight

A:  Because they used to be cut into eighths.

Q:  what do i need to know to be a helper in a school

A:  It depends on the school.  Some will make you do a background check.  Contact your school or check out their webpage to see.

Q:  why parents should pay for children’s licenses

A:  Why should they?

Q:  are you living a better life than your father

A:  Yes.

Q:  fun things to do if students sleep in your lecture room

A:  I’m a fan of having the entire class leave (I haven’t done this, but one of my undergrad professors did).  My partner tends to just stand there in front of their desks.  I tend to wake the person up and suggest they get more coffee.  Here’s a suggestion from our google searchers: “a student fell asleep in class and i couldn’t help but snap a photo”

Q:  creative, funny sexual positions?

A:  Wrong blog!  Try the sexademic link over there on the side bar.

Q:  something funny to say to your best friend

A:  Q1:  Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?  A1:  Because it was dead.  hahahaha

Q:  what is the metal band that did “i like to eat apples and bananas”


2 Responses to “Google questions and answers”

  1. NoTrustFund Says:

    The asleep student question made me think of another. What do you do if a phone rings? Or do classrooms not get reception(we had this in business school)?

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I tend to pause and wait for the student to turn off the ringer. I’ve heard of classes where the professor will answer and say the student is in class, or where they’ll require the offending student to dance in front of the class. Those are generally big lectures though.

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