Link love

Scattered and Random put up this link from The Nation.  Why aren’t you angry?  (Or are you?)

Tenured radical noting that being a military trained sniper on a gun range can’t protect you against an armed man.

Historiann notes that caring positions done by women never pay much.

More mad props to Hillary Clinton care of mad woman with a laptop.

A gai shan life muses on pf blogs and attitudes.  This is one of those fun “do what works for you” posts.

I think delgar linked to this feministe rant:  The second half is especially strong.  Does it really take some white male conservative jackhat to say that women aren’t doing their duty as broodmares for people to realize how ridiculous it is to pressure women to have kids?

Why do you think this post by wandering scientist on success didn’t get more comments?

This post from ombailamos was just adorbs.

Our congratulations to Prof. Que Sera!

#2 would like to note that it seems like the world is being run by the staff of the Onion.  Her evidence is the following headlines pulled from her newsfeed:

Rights Group: Sorcery-Related Killings in Papua New Guinea Must End

Amish Sect Leader Gets 15 Years in Beard-Cutting Attacks

Super Bowl outage traced to device used to prevent power outage

Florida Couple Addicted to Coffee

Facebook Connect bug takes down entire internet (almost)

The Superdome folks might want to get their money back on this one. An electrical device whose sole purpose was to prevent a power outage caused the Super Bowl blackout, the stadium’s power company said Friday.

4 Responses to “Link love”

  1. QueSera Says:

    Thanks for the support!

  2. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Because Wandering Scientist asked a “hard question” that requires “reflection” and people are allergic to that stuff??

  3. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Also my cat is mean and would have run away.

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