Link Lovers

We think we will too, Cherish.

A quokka is a real thing? who knew?  Apparently zooborns did.  It sounds like a Star Wars animal.

Excelsior tells the story of our life, or our days anyway.  Except the working out part.

We do too. (From berate my professor)

Kittehs: walking all over the paper you’re working on since medieval times.

Interesting video from ted talks/CNN on the Patriarchy, by a supermodel.

The little professor cracks us up again.

Afford anything with an antidote to all those “outsource everything” and “outsource nothing” articles.

BYU with a handy “when to use which” statistic.

Also our congratulations to spanish prof!  and excelsior!

Sheldoncomics speaks the truth about parenting.

One Response to “Link Lovers”

  1. MutantSupermodel Says:

    What an interesting talk! Love the other links too. As always.

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