Do we Love Any Links on March 2nd?

Actually, we might not.  In apology for not loving the internet this week, here are some babies eating lemons to take your mind off things:

I think we have some, we just need to go through our gchat records.  Also I liked that gai shan life thing and the thing she linked to.

But I may not get to this until Saturday morning.  Let this be a placeholder!

love the title of this movie review from red eye chicago

*SO* much fatigue  from Jezebel

ooh look, a new post from FGA.  She has been missed!  (to clarify:  We’ve been enjoying her comments, but the posts have been missed.)  Also it’s a really good and insightful post on the emotions surrounding debt freedom– more complicated than you might think.  Single Mom Rich mom also appears to be back and has a related post.

delegar introduces us to gangstagrass.  It is as advertised.

This is an awesome marriage proposal, from yahoo.

This made me literally LOL: Best Short Story About A Robot Learning What It Means To Be Human And Also There’s A Cat #FakeHugoAwardCategories

did you write this post? did I?  It says academic cog wrote it.

I guess… it’s really cold in Norway?  And boring?  via the NY Times

5 Responses to “Do we Love Any Links on March 2nd?”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    Aww.thanks. I’ll try to write a little more frequently. Now that my younger son is sleeping through the night, by normal post writing time has been replaced with sweet sweet sleep, but I do miss unloading my brain contents periodically.

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    DC2’s reaction was like that of the laughing baby (Laurel?) around a minute.

  3. MutantSupermodel Says:

    You may not love the internet, but the internet loves you

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