link love: Hulk Style.


Ok, so if I didn’t have any family or a job (or a bladder) and had enough moneys to pay for shelter and computer power, I would totally totally want this.  Squeee!!!!!

Delagar suggests an alternative to the Bechdel test.  Also gender and schools.

First gen American talks about clothing and ultra-frugality as a child.

Pictures of bookcases!  Alyssa, CPP, Wandering Scientist.  Do you prefer the full shots of entire libraries or just the snippets?  The full frontal or the ankle/shoulder peep?

Oil and garlic has a super-awesome chart of frugal substitutes, as requested by Debbie M.

Explain xkcd has its claws in us this week.  Updating every half hour… It’s almost as if we’re at the beach too.

We were in this week’s carnival of personal finance.

6 Responses to “link love: Hulk Style.”

  1. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Huge hot throbbing boockcases!

  2. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    First gen American talks about clothing and ultra-frugality as a child.

    This link is to the “gender and schools” post, not the one it purports to. The correct link appears to be this one:

  3. Dr. Koshary Says:

    “Hulk vast, contain multitudes” is so awesome that my head might explode.

  4. oilandgarlic Says:

    Thanks for the link!

  5. MutantSupermodel Says:

    I love that Hulk tweet! :D
    I like the bookcases shots although they are giving me major book envy. I got rid of so many books. Actually recently I went and did a purge too. I haven’t taken them to the library yet, but they’re sitting in a bag waiting to go.

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