People we love

1.  Stephen Fry

2.  Roy Orbison

3. Angela Shelton

4.  #2’s riding instructors and her snarky friendly goddess colleagues (not the mean or crazy ones) and her awesome friends

5.  nerds

6.  Patrick Stewart

7.  Jon Stewart (also Stephen Colbert)

8.  P!nk

9.  Mary Robinette Kowal  (also Gail Carriger)

10.  Ok, we admit it… our sisters.

11.  Scalzi… like you couldn’t tell.

Who is the hoopiest frood out there, hep cats?  (#1 notes:  it doesn’t have to be the hoopiest, but who are some of the hoopier foods, in your view?)

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11 Responses to “People we love”

  1. karifur Says:

    Wil Wheaton (also his wife Anne Wheaton and their sons Nolan & Ryan). They are a family full of so much awesome. And they are all funny as heck.
    The Bloggess.
    My Mom.
    Neil deGrasse Tyson
    … so many others. But this is a good start.

  2. femmefrugality Says:

    Aside from your riding instructor we’ve got all the same people crushes. Have you ever seen Pocoyo? It’s how we’re introducing the little ones to the amazingness that is Stephen Fry.

  3. Scooze Says:

    Love love love Stephen Fry. How about Rachel Maddow? And Clive Owen, cuz he’s pretty.

  4. hush Says:

    Angela Shelton {squish} is delightful and awesome.

    Patrick Stewart’s essay was really brave. So much awesome from former Trek cast members lately!

  5. Ana Says:

    Thank you for linking to the Patrick Stewart article, I hadn’t come across it yet, important reading. Good for him for speaking out & working to make a difference.

  6. Rumpus Says:

    I love the people who stand up, though oft times the tallest nail gets the hammer.

    And the Fourth Doctor, of course. Because:

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