Your googled questions, our sage wisdom

Q:  mnemonic device for vaginal ring?

A:  That word you are using– I do not think it means what you think it means.

Q: who came up with authoritarian

A:  The first bellweather in the animal kingdom, though perhaps that is too much leading by example.  In any case, we imagine authoritarian predates humans.

Q:  how having award ceremonies help children with self-esteem

A:  If it helps anyone, we bet it only helps the kids who don’t see through it.

Q:  where does mr money mustache live

A:  Colorado.  Are you a crazy stalker?  He’s kind of a big guy.

Q:  when you have something planed on the weekend does the week go fast

A:  No, but maybe you perceive time differently than we do.

Q:  how do you pay taxes and insurance when your home is paid off

A:  In our state, at least, the tax assessor sends you a bill.  Presumably your insurance will also bill you directly.  As to how to pay it off, if your income is not high in comparison to the bills, the suggestion would be to set aside some money each month (part of what you’d been paying to the mortgage you no longer have!)  If your income is high compared to the bills, then pay it off with cash flows.

Q: what happens when there is a grumpy noise when you are pregnant

A:  your partner offers you some ice cream?  And a massage?

Q: as a professor, should i teach in the summer or do research?

A:  do research

Q: how many parties a year do you host

A:  one or two

Q:  how to spend money right

A:  You can always send it to us…


6 Responses to “Your googled questions, our sage wisdom”

  1. Leslie Beslie (@lintacious) Says:

    Still don’t get these. Where did the questions come from? It’s also difficult to differentiate between each Q+A.

  2. undinenotofgeneralinterest Says:

    You get such interesting questions!

  3. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Yeah I’m impressed you get actual questions. I get bizarre phrases or one-word searches. I thought Mr. Money Mustache lived in La La Land :P And seriously wtf vaginal ring?

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