Chicken with waffles: a theory of meat and bread

So, the other night my partner and I were talking right before sleep.  For some reason he was telling me about chicken with waffles.  Despite living in the South for several years, he has only recently tried them, and waxed quite poetically about them.

Something about the warm crispness of the waffle, the meatiness of the chicken, and the delightful crunch of the fried part, tied together perfectly with only the lightest of syrups, syrup that would be totally out of place on the fried chicken by itself but seems integral to the chicken-with-waffles experience.  (Yes, you eat the chicken and waffle at the same time, he says, the chicken is on top of the waffle, syrup on top of that.)

This lead us to discuss what seems to be a hierarchy of breaded products and meats.

Beef we eat in Roast Beef sandwiches, or in a pot pie.  It stands up well to rye and hearty wheats.

However, pork needs a lighter touch, but still more dense than waffles.  Think bacon and sausage with pancakes and syrup.  Nom.

Waffles with chicken we have already discussed, and their part in the breaded meat hierarchy should have been an obvious missing link.  Someone would have had to invent it if it hadn’t already been invented.

Then, of course, we have the most delicate meats of all– seafood.  Obviously we have those in crepes.  (Assuming we’re sticking to wheat products.)

Are you a fan of meat and bread combinations?  What are your favorite?


15 Responses to “Chicken with waffles: a theory of meat and bread”

  1. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Tacos, tamales, and gyros!

  2. Michelle Says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about chicken and waffles lately. I’ve never had it!

  3. rented life Says:

    I can’t think of a time I ever wanted bread with seafood. Every Christmas eve my family does seafood and a prime rib roast. We have potatoes and broccoli but they don’t get eaten much–everyone is focused on the meat. (Potatoes in au jus is wonderful though.) For ham/bacon it’s English muffins or French toast. The rest depends on how type of meat and other sides. I need bread with stuff like pasta.

  4. chacha1 Says:

    This is no doubt an artifact of my 1970s upbringing by midwestern parents but … pancakes & Spam.

  5. Linda Says:

    Biscuits, people! How can you live in the south and not take every possible opportunity to eat biscuits! They go great with fried chicken and pork products like ham and bacon. I can’t say I’ve eaten biscuits with beef or seafood, but why not?

    Also at it’s best in the south: cornbread. The sweet “cornbread” they sell here in the north totally sucks compared to the delicious savoriness that is cornbread in the south. (Or when I make it at home.)

  6. becca Says:

    POT PIE!!!!111!!11!!!!

  7. Debbie M Says:

    Hmm, I pretty much eat meat only with bread. Or pasta. Or at least breading. My favorite might be pizza. Cheeseburgers and chili dogs are right up there. And tacos and enchiladas. And ham and cheese brioches–or croissants.

    Also extra yummy: corndogs, biscuits with sausage gravy, gyros, tamales, chopped beef (barbecue) sandwiches, turkey and muenster (or mozzarella) on onion rolls with mayonnaise, pastrami on, well, probably anything, beef spring rolls, tuna salad on whole wheat baguette bread (even though it squooshes out and is hard to eat), fajita nachos, turkey and dressing and gravy.

    I don’t need meat for my waffles or pancakes or French toast or biscuits or cornbread or toast–just melted butter. Fresh flour tortillas are pretty amazing plain, too.

  8. Mutant Supermodel Says:

    We eat steak on bread– pan con bistec, for instance. There’s also choripan which is a chorizo sandwich. Of course my favorite sandwich is pan con lechón which is shredded pork on Cuban bread. We also bread and fry everything. There is bistec empanizado which is breaded and fried steak and of course you can also get bistec o pollo a la milanesa which is like chicken Parmesan but more Latin. And of course, there is something absolutely heavenly about a really well done shrimp po boy. I personally adore Chicken and Waffles as well. Mmmmm

  9. monsterzero Says:

    Carnitas with freshly-made corn tortillas.

  10. theoutliermodel Says:

    Love the chicken and waffle combo. There’s a few places in Vancouver that do it quite well.

  11. hush Says:

    I love me some chicken and waffles! And pot pie! Amen to everything that’s already been loved on here above. I must add: Pigs in a blanket!

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