So much to do! A busy summer ahead

OMG, I am so overextended this summer, but if I can pull it off, it will be AWESOME.

What happened, in case you’re wondering, is that I submitted a bunch of short-term grants and got three of them.  On top of that, there’s regular submitted papers coming back from journals and so on.

So I have 4 big projects that need major work for the summer.  Mentally I’m only capable of keeping track of two or three, so this is going to need extra organization.

I have:

1.  The R&R paper that is getting split into 2 papers (a small one for the journal I sent it to, and a regular-sized one for the journal I’m sending the main paper to).

2.  Restricted data project for which only I am allowed to touch the data.  I was supposed to have access to these data last summer but SNAFU FUBAR @##@.  But I have it now, and am going to need to get a no-cost extension to keep it.

3.  Pilot study needs to get done for grant proposal for big grant.  Coauthor moved slowly so we’re behind schedule.   Lab manager graduated.  New lab members.  Do not want to talk about the weeks of administrative SNAFUs.

4.  Stupid NSF thing I got added to for the $.

[update]:  #5.  Mildly crappy paper that I sent into a conference got accepted unexpectedly.  I guess I passed the threshold from being accepted too infrequently to being accepted too frequently, at least in some venues.  No more crappy submissions to this conference in the future!  It’s going to be hard getting an hour and 15 min talk out of the material.

I have a small army of RAs of varying quality to manage, including one guy who just got a low C on the final for his methods class.  Damn it.  He did well on the midterm, but ugh.  Fortunately he won’t be working the entire summer.

So, that’s my story.  I’m doing Dame Eleanor‘s thingy for #1, and I’ve got RAs to keep me going for 3 and 4 and a coauthor whose sabbatical is ending for #2.  Who needs sleep or weekends?

11 Responses to “So much to do! A busy summer ahead”

  1. Miser Mom Says:

    It’s funny how quickly our careers go from desperately trying to get research — *any* research — done in hopes of getting that golden tenure ring, to having too many good projects to pursue. Yes, you do get to the stage where you learn to drop the sucky projects, and to be occasionally overly generous with that C student. [Those are the ones who often surprise me by then heading on to grad school and staying in touch with me professionally for years.] It’s a good problem to have, isn’t it?

  2. Pamela Says:

    Wow! You have been busy! And administrative snafaus are awful. I worked at a university known for their tech and engineering departments; the paperwork for grants was staggering, and the internal stuff around them was pretty legion as well.

  3. Cloud Says:

    Due to a variety of delays, I have 5 projects colliding to finish in June. It will be good to get these done, but… yikes! And I go on vacation to New Zealand to see my in laws at the end of June, and we’re refinancing the house. Like I said, yikes.

    Good luck with your busy summer!

  4. bogart Says:

    Um, congratulations?

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      That’s one way of thinking about it. Personally I would have wished for fewer SNAFUs so I could have worked on some of these projects earlier when I was planning to rather than when I was planning to work on other projects.

  5. femmefrugality Says:

    Holy moly. That will be awesome once you pull it off, but so much for a “break!”

  6. Donna Freedman Says:

    Congratulations on your embarrassment of riches. :-)

  7. MutantSupermodel Says:

    I think I’m supposed to say congrats and good luck but I really only understood half of what’s going on here :D

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