link love

NIH explains why they no longer provide even coffee at meetings.

Mineral phys with a guide for designing experiments.  [It is a comic!  Click it!]

Congrats to shedding khawatir for the new baby!

Congrats to academic cog for the new job!

The kids should see this.

This made us giggle:  Gold stars for all!

Huffington post does coverflips.

Could not stop laughing at this amazon review.

Linda discusses horsies some more.

confidential to What now:  Our comments seem to be going into your spam filter!  (Or else you’re deleting them as objectionable, we’re not sure which… if the latter, carry on.)

7 Responses to “link love”

  1. What Now? Says:

    Weird! There’s a comment from yesterday up on a blog post, and I certainly haven’t deleted any (what with they’re being not at all objectionable!).

  2. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Yeah, no coffee, danish, etc, anymore at study section. Although the members can take a collection and pay for their own catering if desired.

  3. Linda Says:

    Horsies are such fun!! Thank you for the recommendations you and your readers gave me on the Ask the Grumpies post you wrote about my original questions. I am a bit horse crazy these days. Many evenings after work I find myself on YouTube a lot these days regularly watching videos like “How to Practice Your Classical Seat in Horseback Riding.” ;-)

  4. scantee Says:

    It’s not just scientific review sessions, it’s all meetings funded with federal dollars. I work on a large federal grant through ACF and we are forbidden any sort of food or refreshment during our all-day meetings in DC. So fun spending eight hours in a windowless room without any coffee, tea, or snacks. It’s also fun to watch people scatter at lunch time to run and find some food and get back within an hour. Hotels that try to draw conferences/meetings do seem to be responding to this by offer snacks and beverages but at this point it is still unknown to participants whether or not that will be the case until they show up.

    Someone higher up spends buckets of money on private planes and lavish parties and it’s us plebes that suffer. Somehow I doubt the experience of the big wigs has changed much.

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