link love

The GOP is at it again with their war on women.

Beangirls talks about leaving academic science.

Cheese and responsibility is back from vacation.

Feral homemaking turned our snippy comment post on its head and asked what makes you want to read a blog.

Dame Eleanor discusses the role of overconfidence on doing anything hard!

Not of general interest discusses that slate article on women, children and academia.

Ferule and Fescue with some great tips for new faculty members, especially regarding that whole don’t get paid for a while thing.

Jane Eyre for babies.  Not sure how we feel about that.

Intersectionality, a fun guide by Miriam Dobson.

Tenured Radical points out that we are obviously at the wrong school in the wrong positions.  Also she provides reasons to quit your job— we think the parking one is totally reasonable.

Zia Narratora with an example of unintentional implicit bias.  The interesting thing is that 15% were women, meaning it seemed to the dude like there were equal numbers.

Ombailamos says, here’s a book.

The oatmeal discusses living with your significant other.  (NSFW!)

Baby didn’t get the time to sleep memo.

We were in this week’s carnival of personal finance.

5 Responses to “link love”

  1. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    The cat at 40 seconds made me burst into tears.

  2. chacha1 Says:

    thanks for the link, chicas!

  3. chacha1 Says:

    also: ugh, that deformed Chinchilla at :26. I can’t watch any more.

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