What’s your theme music?

My sister was recently maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding.

For the reception, they requested that she pick some music to introduce her before her speech or something.

“So, basically, they want you to pick your own theme music?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she replied.

“That seems like a trap!” I said.

“I know!  If it weren’t a wedding, I’d pick Don’t Rain on My Parade, but somehow it doesn’t seem fitting.  Or Loads of Lovely Love from No Strings.”

“You just want money, a nice position, and loads of lovely love?”

“Who doesn’t?” she asked.  “How about Side by Side by Side?”

“Company is so bittersweet.  Really anything Sondheim isn’t wedding appropriate.”

“Nope.  If I can’t think of anything good I’m defaulting to Dancing Queen, or maybe Good Morning Baltimore cause I used to wake [best friend] up to that.  Or maybe Come So Far to Go, but that might be insulting,” and then it was time for her to board the airplane.

So I asked around.  My partner suggested the Knight Rider theme song, or Magnum PI, but I think that we’re of a slightly different generation than she is.  My mom noted she probably shouldn’t do “Baby I Was Born This Way.”  No mom, she probably shouldn’t.

In the end, she went with “Friendship” from Anything Goes.  Which is a nice song (and better for a wedding than Bosom Buddies!), but maybe not so much of a theme song for an individual.

I have to admit, I’d be kind of stumped on this question if I were asked.  Maybe Loads of Lovely Love after all… she’s right– who doesn’t want money, a nice position, and loads of lovely love?

#2 says: I’ve always thought about what should be my theme music, but nothing seems great enough to truly capture me.

What’s your theme song?

16 Responses to “What’s your theme music?”

  1. Holly@ClubThrifty Says:

    Theme music? Oh my gosh! I would be so horrified to make a speech that I would probably just be sick that day or something. I couldn’t do it!!!

  2. Abby Kavner Says:

    I almost always have a theme song, but it changes with the years. I don’t keep track of them all, but I remember some of them: “Peter’s theme” from Peter & the Wolf when I was a grad student. Last summer was Regina Spektor all summer. Not sure what this year will be yet. Still enjoying Regina.

  3. Linda Says:

    Not sure I can pick just one theme song, but the two that I consistently crave to hear over and over are “I Need Love” by Sam Phillips http://youtu.be/4mIsrWxot3g and “Lay My Love” by Brian Eno and John Cale http://youtu.be/SCz2KxM9AwY

    Eno & Cale’s music and lyrics are almost hypnotic to me on that song, but the “official video” seems to be about an obsession with war games and women’s breasts (I have no idea why) so I didn’t link to it above.

  4. rented life Says:

    There’s no way I could pick one song.

  5. Dame Eleanor Hull Says:

    Ramones, “I Wanna Be Sedated.”

    Especially good for weddings, IMO, but I find it’s pretty much all-purpose.

  6. chacha1 Says:

    For a wedding or suchlike occasion, if I were asked to choose my own “play me on and off” music, I think I would go with “Dance with Me Tonight” from the “That Thing You Do!” soundtrack. It’s a great swing song, speaks to my obsession with dancing, and would give the audience an earworm that would pretty effectively wipe out any memory of whatever nonsense I happened to say. :-)

  7. plantingourpennies Says:

    haha, love this. Mr. PoP would probably pick “For You Blue” from the Beatles for me, but if I were to pick for myself it’d usually be whatever song by April Smith and the Great Picture Show (if you haven’t heard her, I LOVE her) fits my mood for the day. Frustrating day where I want to pull my hair out, then it’s probably “Bright White Jackets” or “Drop Dead Gorgeous” depending on the type of people I’ve been dealing with. But few of those are really wedding appropriate, though they are amazing stress reliever songs to sing along to.

    For a wedding, I’d probably have to go with “Dance Dance Dance” from Steve Miller Band or “Born Too Late” by the Clarks depending which best friend’s wedding it would be =)

  8. phd me Says:

    I’m pretty sure my theme song is Frank Turner’s “Eulogy” but that’s not exactly wedding appropriate. I’m not sure what I’d use at a wedding…maybe “I’m Alright” by Kenny Loggins?

  9. Tinkering Theorist Says:

    To annoy me, my husband changed my ringtone for him to MacGyver’s opening song. I have no idea why that was supposed to annoy me (or why it’s desirable to annoy me–I’ve given up trying to figure that one out), but I thought it was awesome. He is kind of like MacGyver in a certain way, and also I had/have a crush on MacGyver so I enjoy hearing the ringtone with respect to my husband. (I blame our culture for the fact that I have a crush on MacGyver instead of just purely wanting to be like him.)

    So then I tried to figure out a theme song to put for his ringtone for me. Unfortunately, I don’t identify closely with most female TV characters, and there are extremely few sciencey examples anyway. I thought of Sam Beckett and picked the opening song of Quantum Leap (at least we found out once that he had a very smart daughter). Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?), my husband does not have a crush on Sam Beckett. If it had to be female I would pick Bones, because I identify relatively well with some aspects of her, but I don’t think my husband has a crush on her either.

  10. MutantSupermodel Says:

    The Wonder Woman Theme

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