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Q:  what if i don’t sleep train

A:  Then the world ends and it is all your fault.  Thanks for playing.  Just kidding!  If you don’t sleep train your kid will most likely sleep on hir own at some point.  It’ll be ok.

Q:  depression has sucked the life out of me whats the point

A:  We could give a really flip answer here about chocolate or dried food bits under the couch, but instead we’ll take it seriously and tell you, please get help.  Make a call to your doctor, a friend, or a hotline [link to hotline here].

Q:  what are the average grades of a preschooler who takes regular naps

A:  Um… preschools give grades?

Q:  is tiaa-cref or vanguard better

A:  Vanguard, but TIAA-CREF is great too.  Also, if you need a little more handholding, TIAA-CREF is a little better at that, and may be worth the small additional expense to get it.

Q:  do you have to have plans every weekend

A:  Laura Vanderkam says yes.  We say, “Hell NO.”

Q:  each generation believes that their generation is better than the next generation. why is this true and untrue? please support your answer.

A:  Did your professor SAY you could completely plagiarize from the internet?  We’re guessing no.

Q:  money mustache realistic?

A:  I don’t see why not.  Is he replicable?  Well, if your utility function looks *exactly* like his, then sure.  But don’t worry, there are lots of perfectly wonderful lives you can be leading that don’t involve owning a giant house, running a carpentry business, biking everywhere, having exactly one kid, etc.

Q:  can you pay someones property taxes and they still have a mortgage

A:  Yes

Q:  grades in grad school?

A:  Yes, usually there are, at least for the first couple years.

Q:  does a moustache make you grumpy

A:  Depends upon how skritchy it is when kissing.  (And, of course, only my partner’s moustache or lack thereof matters.)

9 Responses to “Google me this”

  1. plantingourpennies Says:

    I believe we got one of your search hits this week…. they searched for “”nicole and maggie” + science” and landed on our site. Who knows?

  2. Rented life Says:

    Not a fan of just a mustache, but scruffy facial hair is hot. So long as I’m not the one wearing it. I suppose that would make me grumpy then.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      it is especially hot in this awful summer weather!

    • Dr. Koshary Says:

      To address the crucial issue raised here: I find that scruffy facial hair is more of a visual pleasure than a tactile one. (To another beholder, anyway; from inside my own skin, it’s just itchy and tends to dry out my face after a day or two.) I have dated a number of women who tell me they love the scruff, but they’re the same ones who complain that it makes my face either scratchy or actually painful to the touch. I find this frustrating. *grump*

      • Rented life Says:

        Dr K, I think you’re dating the wrong women. :) husband has had facial hair of varying lengths the entire 14 years we’ve been together. My gram complains he should be clean shaven but it just doesn’t look right on him. Recently he trimmed it shorter so it’s quite scruffy and I LOVE it. (Won’t give tmi there…). I hope he keeps it like that for awhile. His skin is dry bug it always is, all of his face. I try to make sure we have a lotion around that helps with that. I think if he shaved daily it’d be even drier.

      • chacha1 Says:

        I tried to get my husband to grow a Fu Manchu moustache, but he refused to comply.

  3. becca Says:

    I’m pretty sure mustaches cause grumpiness. N=1, but Carebear is VERY grumpy. Plus, his mustache makes me grumpy, so there you go.

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