What do you call your own partner?

Previously we talked about what to call other people’s significant others.  But that was cold and impersonal.  What about the special someone (if any) in your own life?

#1:  He’s “my hero” and “snuggle bun” and “beautiful,” occasionally, “beautiful, wonderful.”  In the winter, I sometimes just call him, “warm.” He used to call me “sweet stuff,” but I think it’s been several years since he used that as a nickname.  Now I’m generally “precious.”  Also “wife” and “sexy wife.”

#2: Um.  We have nicknames for each other, but they are personal.

I call both him AND the cat sweetie.  I also call my partner love, baby, honey.  He calls me “love” sometimes.  Sometimes I call him ridiculous things like snooky-ookums, but not seriously.  And I call him “sweet one”.    Oh yeah, and cute-patootie.  But mostly we use the personal nicknames when we’re expressing affection.

If you’re partnered up, what do you call your own significant other, like to hir face?  What does ze call you?  How do you refer to hir to other people?

22 Responses to “What do you call your own partner?”

  1. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    We refer to each other as husband and wife in public. Not telling our secret snookums words!

  2. Kingston Says:

    He is “dear man” to me and I am “baby” to him. Except lately, oddly, he’s also taken to calling me by my last name. Hope that’s not a bad sign.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Haha we only call each other by our actual names. We might say random “cute” names but there’s nothing that I can think of that we say regularly.

  4. bogart Says:

    I’m with CPP on this though I do use his “snookums” nickname in public all the time (which is why I won’t spill it here!). It’s kind of a running joke in the family so I’ll refer to him that way sometimes as will others, but mostly I just use his (first) name.

  5. Steph Says:

    Using my last relationship as an example, since I’m not currently dating anybody: “hun” got used frequently, although I call my friends that too. I called him “handsome” sometimes, he called me “beautiful” a lot…though those were less in public.

    Our big one was that I called him by his nickname from his family/pre-college life. Everyone in college called him by his full first name, but he had grown up being called something else. Early on he asked me to use his nickname, because he felt weird having his girlfriend call him by what felt like a formal name.

  6. Flavia Says:

    Publicly, when talking about him in the third person, I refer to him as “my spouse” or [his name]. Occasionally “husband,” when the situation seems likely to reward heteronormativity.

    At home (and/or with friends around) we mostly address each other as “babe” (which is a term I’ve never used with any other partners, but which works here) or–if we’re in private–by a extensive range of variations on a couple of private nicknames.

    Nothing weirder, though, than when I screw up and address the cats by his nickname, or him by one of theirs.

  7. rented life Says:

    Our special names are actually engraved inside our rings. Saying that though, it’s been years since I’ve called him by his, but he still calls me by mine. If he’s sick I might use more gushy words. Honey or babe are pretty common, but if I say “dear” I’m probably not totally happy. I use his actual name if I really need his attention and I love when he uses my actual name, because it’s so rare.

  8. plantingourpennies Says:

    We’re pretty traditional with our terms of endearment, things like “lovely” and “my favorite” and “fuzzy butt”, though that last one is reserved for the cat. =)

  9. becca Says:

    I call him “Carebear” on the internet, because, well, it’s the internet.

    He’s Name-Bear sometimes, but my kid has started calling him that, which makes it weirder to use. Sometimes I use “sweetie”. He really doesn’t use any with me.

  10. delagar Says:

    I call mine Dr. Skull (really — his students gave him the nickname & we’ve all picked it up) and sweetness or boo when we’re feeling sweet. Of course, when I’m pissed, it’s his first name, and very sharp.

    He calls me Dr. Delagar (only with my actual last name), and has since I did my defense. It amuses (other) people, but I find it very sweet.

  11. Rented life Says:

    How about nicknames that other couples use that make you cringe?

  12. Elaine (@toyingwithplay) Says:

    When we were dating, we called each other “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”, so now that we’re married we still say “husband” and “wife” to each other’s faces. He’s also “baby”, “handsome” and “sweetie”. While he uses a bunch of nice, flattering nicknames with me (“beautiful”, “lovely”, “precious”, etc), to others, I am always “the wife”.

    Strangely enough, we almost never use each other’s actual names – unless we’re mad at each other.

  13. Miser Mom Says:

    I call my guy “Darling”. (Only I drawl, so it’s “darlin’ “). I am very bad with names, and so I call many people “darling” — my kids, some of my close friends. Occasionally I slip up when a colleague comes in to ask me a question and I say, “yes, darling?”. That’s the disadvantage. The advantage is that I don’t ever call my guy by somebody else’s name!

  14. Alyssa Says:

    We generally use “hun” or “honey”, more rarely is “sweetie”. When around our son, sometimes we use “momma bear” and “pappa bear”. We’ve never been much into the pet names though.

  15. monsterzero Says:

    Mostly we call each other Sweetie, and once in a while she calls me Babe. We have a system wherein her cat is Boo and my cat is Other Boo. Occasionally I refer to her as Other Other Boo, but I don’t think she cares much for that.

  16. EMH Says:

    My husband has many nicknames for me but his main ones are cakeler pants. Or, pantalones de pastel when we are in Mexcio. I call my husband “hon” or “babe”. Not nearly as creative.

  17. Mr. Bonner Says:

    We call each other Mr. and Mrs. Bonner.
    I think on every birthday or anniversary card I’ve ever given her I’ve used Hot Stuff and most days it’s Hun. Not too long ago we were out and I asked the mrs. something like, “where’s the applesauce, hun?” Our 3 year old son (might as well be a parrot) mindlessly ran by and shouted the same question verbatim. He’s chirped back other questions I’ve asked calling her Nicole instead of Mom. It always cracks me up to hear our little guy call her Hun or Hot Stuff or Nicole instead of Mom.

  18. NotMe Says:

    My husband and I both call each other “Stinky.” For the record, we both bathe daily, we’re just weird I guess.

  19. MutantSupermodel Says:

    I mostly call him a play on his last name i made up, but sometimes it’s Baby and sometimes it’s his first name. I usually get called BABE. BABE! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABE!

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