If a google googles a google googling through the rye…

Q:  is boredom useful

A:  as a torture device, yup!  Thankfully our agents are skilled at avoiding it.  Even during meetings…

Q:  what is the big word for peeing

A:  We like micturating.

Q:  what other name can i use to introduce my boyfriend

A:  how about International Man of Mystery

Q:  can money buy a lovely wife

A:  Not for our definition of lovely.

Q:  how much do i need to spend for a wedding present for a relative i hate

A:  Nothing.  Also you don’t have to go to the wedding.

Q:  why does mary & vincent price’s come into the kitchen cook book have so many different covers

A:  Some of them are different volumes of a 5-volume set or different cookbooks.  Some of them are reprints of the same book.

Q:  why do people need comfort

A:  Because people are social creatures and the world is a cold cruel place.

Q:  what happens when authoritative parenting kids rebel

A:  They sometimes do very stupid things, often to themselves.  And sometimes they go whole-hog the other direction and become kind and gentle parents with well-brought-up kids.

Q:  is equifax having computer problems today?

A:  probably

Q:  are children normal grumpy when potty training

A:  It depends on when you do it and how you’re doing it.  You are more likely to avoid the grumpy if you start early, before the terrible 2/3s set in, or, alternatively, if you wait until they’re interested.  You are also more likely to avoid grumpy if you are gentle with your approach, never get upset about messes or accidents or “willfully” not going in the potty, and you focus the idea that the kid is going potty for hirself, not for you.  (It sure feels good to go potty in the potty, doesn’t it?)

8 Responses to “If a google googles a google googling through the rye…”

  1. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    It sure feels good to go potty in the potty, doesn’t it?

    It sure does!!

  2. Dr. Koshary Says:

    OMG I am totally stealing International Man of Mystery, the next time that situation arises for me.

  3. Sisyphus Says:

    Speaking of googily googles, have you run your (real) academic names through this???


    Tis hilarity. Especially the more established you are.

  4. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Q: can money buy a lovely wife

    A: Not for our definition of lovely.


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