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Hey grumpeteers, we’re traveling this week, so send us some link love to help us out!

The 7-year postdoc, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the tenure track: thanks to commenter J for pointing this out to us.  Food for thought!

Cashin in on the clickbait with totes adorbz baby animals from Cute Overload.

We support Janet Yellen for Fed chair.  Though #2 is irritated that someone essentially told her this week that Yellen’s style is not masculine enough.  Apparently she only speaks up when someone is wrong, and does so politely.

This guy is great.

Time magazine actually does some investigative reporting for a change– guess what, the so-called hook-up culture hasn’t changed since the 60s, and is still only a minority of people.  On the other hand, they have yet another badly researched story reporting that most people report they’re against late-term abortions.  The truth is that if you ask people “are you in favor of late term abortions” everybody says no because gosh, nobody is in favor of late term abortions.  But if you give a specific instance that is similar to what most women with late term abortions is going through– say a fetus with severe abnormalities who is likely to die shortly after birth… they change their minds, and the majority say it should be allowed in that case.   We’ll have a longer rant on this topic in the future.

Nothing to prove: an awesome video about female geeks (h/t Scalzi’s blog!)

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