• Happiness is your 6 year old watching the best movie ever made for the first time and liking it.  (The Princess Bride, obviously.)
  • Found out recently that one of our new tenured hires writes homophobic screeds under her married name on the internet.  Swell.
  • I have four papers under review.  I think this is a new record.  (And only one of those has been rejected from someplace already– three are first-time submissions.)
  • DH’s car got hit by a hit and run person while he and DC1 were inside a friend’s house on a playdate.  Now the bumper is all messed up.  People suck.  At least nobody got hurt.
  • I don’t want to write a novel, but I want to have written one!
  • Making a friend can take years.  Making an enemy can take minutes.
  • DC1 seems to be enjoying a subset of the 1980s things we keep forcing on hir.  I was just thinking that our parents didn’t seem to force stuff on us from their childhoods, but then I remembered Nick at Nite… The Adventures of Dobie Gillis, for example.
  • As one of the remaining singles in her social group, it is my sister’s job to throw parties… bridal showers, baby showers… and now a “gender reveal shower.”  Apparently that is now a thing.  And no, it isn’t because one of her friends has recently had gender reassignment surgery.  Because that would be a good reason to throw a party.
  • After a false start around a year ago, DC1 is now entranced with Harry Potter.
  • I have the Dangermouse theme song stuck in my head.
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32 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Holly@ClubThrifty Says:

    I know what you mean about writing a novel! I have a super crazy horror movie story line that I dreamt about and I can literally envision it being made into a movie. I have sat down to try to get it on paper a handful of times and all I do is go blank. I need to hire a ghost writer to turn it into a screenplay or something. I have no idea what I’m doing!!!

  2. plantingourpennies Says:

    Glad she loved the Princess Bride. I was about her age when we got the VHS of it for Christmas. Loved the movie, but was terrified of the ROUS! =)

  3. Cloud Says:

    I keep getting ideas for stories/novels. But I don’t actually want to put in the effort to write them. So I write down the idea and figure that if I ever find myself out of work, I can come back to them.

    I have a friend who has a baking business. The gender reveal thing is huge. She is constantly making cakes for the reveal.

  4. myscientificlife Says:

    The gender reveal parties seem kinda creepy.

    YES Harry Potter!

  5. oilandgarlic Says:

    Don’t get me started on Gender Reveal parties.. Ugh. I hope my generation (Gen-X) is not responsible for this crap. I think not, since we’re mostly out of child-bearing age. Damn extroverted Millennials?? Damn extroverts.. As if baby showers were not enough.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      My sister is a millennial (and an old maid in her 20s!).

      • Leigh Says:

        Is she an old maid because of the culture where you guys are from?

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Not where we’re from, but where we’re living now. It’s ridiculous because our friends from our colleges and high school generally get/got married in their 30s or aren’t particularly worried about finding a mate. But they don’t live in a red state where planned parenthood is under attack.

    • Cloud Says:

      The gender reveal parties I know of are just regular baby showers, where the cake reveals the baby’s gender. Not my thing, but not over the top. Are you guys talking about extra parties, in addition to the baby shower?

  6. oilandgarlic Says:

    This is when I first read about gender reveal parties. It seems like it’s hosted by both parents.

  7. chacha1 Says:

    If I had a kid, I would be forcing the 1980s TV series based on the movie “Fame” on hir. LOL

  8. gwinne Says:

    I have never heard of a gender reveal party.

    Oh, the Potter. It is all about the Potter in my house.

    I have the Dinosaur Train theme song stuck in my head. Ugh.

    I wish I had some influence on my kid’s TV habits. She watches BAD TV from the 70s, like “Emergency” just because it’s on at a convenient time…

  9. Ana Says:

    I’ve never been to a “gender reveal party” but my impression was that it was the baby shower, amped up with SURPRISE, rather than an ADDITIONAL party? Though I guess the timing is a bit early for a baby shower (20 weeks) and you’d be forced to get gender neutral gifts. Also, its really just a “sex reveal” since you have no idea about the gender, if you’re being technical about it, but “sex reveal party” sounds creepy for sure.
    I can’t wait until my kid can read at all, and especially Harry Potter. Currently he’s not interested. I thought he’d be an early reader, but his interest in letters/sounds has plateaued. He’s more into numbers now. I also can’t wait until he will watch a movie that isn’t Toy Story (1, 2, and 3). We let him watch his first movie a few months ago and he refuses to watch anything else.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Reading is awesome for quiet time! There’s still plenty of time to become a reader (even an early one).

      There are worse repeat movies than the three Toy Stories…

  10. What Now? Says:

    We introduced our nieces to “The Princess Bride” when they were 7 and 10. After it was over, the younger one sighed dreamily and said, “That was the best. movie. ever.” We now watch it every year during Aunty Camp.

  11. chacha1 Says:

    “gender reveal” parties … it took several comments for me to comprehend what this actually was. Thank Gourd all my friends are too old to have babies.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Honestly, my first thought was that one of my sister’s friends had gone through gender reassignment surgery. But then I remembered that not only do we live in an unfriendly portion of the country (though she does live in the “funky” portion of the city), but that most of my sister’s friends are boring.

  12. Mutant Supermodel Says:

    Wow gender reveal parties? First for me too. Is there going to be a conception party too?

    My kids LOVE Princess Bride. We’ve had them watch a lot of our childhood movies and TV shows too. They like them! Although I think they did get scared of The Dark Crystal. I’ve heard old musicals are great too. I keep looking for them on Netflix. It’s a shame there aren’t more of them. I am dying to show them Singing in the Rain

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