How is it already Saturday’s link love?

It has been an insanely crazy busy week.  For those of our beloved blogs that we’ve been neglecting, we apologize!  We did a whole bunch of reading all at once but didn’t have it left in us to comment as much as usual.  #1 is still going to be working all weekend because there’s a stupid service grant report due and she didn’t even get the data until earlier this week.  But hey, summer salary, right?

Let’s see if we even sent each other any links at all… we must have, right?

Minx had an intriguing discussion about how when female slate columnists want to do something trollish and stupid, they put it in the XX bin, but when male columnists do the same, they put it on the main site.  The original link-bait article ze’s talking about isn’t worth clicking on… unless you’re really into reading Miley-style blogs.

What is a Miley-style blog?  Stirrup Queens explains here in this excellent post.  Do you have a Miley Cyrus style blog or an Adele, or something else entirely?  (And what are we?)

Oh, and speaking of Miley Cyrus… CNN asks why we’re speaking of Miley Cyrus when Robin Thicke should be taking equal, if not more, blame.  Honestly I didn’t even know Robin Thicke was involved until I saw this headline!  (I get all my celebrity news these days by reading headlines and not actually clicking on the links.)

Pointless armor now available in dude!

One simple tip that could save a bicyclist’s life.

This is hilarious… if you’re into speed traps.

Stacking pennies discusses identity.

I gotta tell ya, I felt like a BOSS in college when I had black forest cake and a multivitamin for breakfast.

Disney princesses sing for equal pay.

You took that well, scientific sexism (a comic strip guide).

Help me Google, you’re my only hope!

Q:  when did you want another baby

A:  When my first started being able to entertain hirself and to help out around the house.  (Also, DH saw his sibling’s newborn and got baby fever.)  YMMV.

Q:  can i have a gardening business as a second job

A:  Can you have it as a first job?

Q:  reasons you are from the midwest

A:  1.  You were born there;  2. Your parents moved there when you were a child (often for job purposes) and stayed for a while;  3.  Your escape pod from Krypton landed there.

Q:  places for gifted children to hang out on the internet

A:  probably not where I hung out in high school and early college, that’s for sure.

Q:  is it better to have a 403 b or a roth ira?

A:  Both!  If you can swing it.  What do you think your income will be like when you retire?  Would you rather be taxed now or later?

Q:  funny things to say to good looking people

A:  “Madam, I may be drunk but bllllearrrrghhhh.”  –Winston Churchill after too much alcohol

Q:  what will happen if we don’t eat radishes

A:  radishes will overrun us all and start getting all up in our grills.  Please do your part.

Q:  should i buy a home in december

A:  Sure, why not?  (Assuming you have 20% down and can afford a 30 year fixed rate mortgage)

Q:  “pay off mortgage or buy another house”

A:  The former, then the latter, unless you have a lot of money (and the temperament) to play investor.

Q:  nice things to say to your best friend

A:  I couldn’t blog without you!

Where do you get academic mentoring?

Your dissertation director.  Other graduate faculty.  Grad students who are further along than you.  Postdocs.

Your peers on the job market.  People you meet at conferences.

People who write you tenure letters (i.e., those you put on your list, after the letters are over).  Your dissertation director’s other students.

Go up to successful people at conferences, ask if they have a minute, introduce yourself, ask one focused question.  People one step ahead of you.  People who have switched careers.  People in different departments.

Listserves and mailing lists through your professional organizations.  Do they have a mentoring group?  Senior members of whatever professional/academic organizations you are part of.

Propose a symposium at a conference and ask senior people to be on it.  Now you have a connection.

A formal mentoring program on campus.  The campus faculty development center.  Other senior faculty you meet around campus; take them for coffee.  Try to form a writing group or grant development group.

The blogosphere!

Your former boss.  People your dissertation director or boss introduces you to.  Any retired faculty you can find.  The faculty ombudsperson.

Anywhere else?

What are we reading with pleasure and happiness?

Patty in the city: had to interlibrary loan this one. A fun confection.

Discount Armageddon :  Excellent.  My favorites are the mice.

Also excellent is the sequel, Midnight Blue Light Special. Again, mice! (read it.)

Finally got my hands on Gunnerkrigg Court Vol 2.  Well worth it!  And it’s awesome to read through again knowing what I know now… adds new depth and meaning to some of the scenes.  These are such handsome books.  It seems like the first printing had some flaws and wasn’t as nice quality as Vol 1 or Vol 3, but the current batch is lovely (and seems only to be available from amazon).  Aaaannnnd Volume 4, just out now! The art keeps being great.

Reread Daddy Long Legs, caught some of the political commentary hidden in there this time around.

Reread Dear Enemy, picked up all the eugenics I’d missed the first time around… (must not have looked very hard, or have been very young…)

Tempest Rising.  It was ok. (#2 really likes this series)

Nice Girls Don’t [do stuff] vampire books — Enjoyable popcorn!

All Spell Breaks Loose, by Lisa Shearin– finally a conclusion to the series!  As a whole, I think the series should have had a book or two fewer, but the end book went a bit quickly.  A satisfying read.

Gave Candice Hern a second chance (with $2.99 kindle books).  She’s no Georgette Heyer, but I enjoyed  A Proper Companion and A Change of Heart.

#2’s been reading up a storm lately.  Particularly recommended:

The Rook, by Daniel O’Malley. If you like Stross’s Laundry Files books, you’ll like this, and vice versa.

The Killing Moon, by N. K. Jemisin.  Really, really good.  Can’t wait to read the next one. (Update: It was good too!)

ZOMG N. K. Jemisin is such an amazing writer. Read her!

I am Not a Serial Killer by (Dan Wells)

The Battle of Blood and Ink

What have you been reading lately?

We have to make a living…


I know y’all feel me out there in academia.  This year I have the pleasure of sitting on 2 search committees and a personnel committee, all within my department, which is in between chairs, and the interim chair doesn’t respect me.  And I hate my classes.  So far, there is a temporary contrast effect where my salary keeps me from leaving, for now… but the job conditions have me on the market (and the dean, too!).

At least I got a raise with tenure… at least I got the tenure bump… at least I have tenure….

#2 notes that she starts bright and early at 8am teaching a math class!  Also, she hasn’t gotten her contract letter for the year yet.  And she has no idea how many department searches her department will be doing, but at least now she has two interim administrators in addition to the non-interim provost (still no word on the interim president).  Oh, and after she completely reconfigured her class homework assignments etc. (but before writing down the changes on paper), the university reverted her blackboard page to what it was 2 years ago, two days before her first 8am class.  Thank you university!

Commiserate in the comments.

Ms. Linken-McLoverton

This is seriously the best idea that anyone has ever had: Privacy PopTent
for your bed.

BuzzFeed brings us 17 problems only book lovers will understand.

Planting our Pennies talks about stretching her boundaries and adorable tiny baby turtles.

Surviving academia talks about the benefits of daycare.

Chacha discusses self-publishing.

Not of general interest finds that sometimes charts and lists don’t work.

This page explains why we can’t get amazon affiliates links to work on our blog.

Ann Friedman discusses men and women and empire building.

this is weird

kawaii baby griffin is scared to fly; also funny: Mutual startlement

more grammar fun from the oatmeal.  Do it for the steeds.

I am very glad that my mom has confidence in me.  I can’t imagine how crushing it would be to have her tell me I couldn’t handle both work and kids.

What now’s partner got the job she wanted!

We were an editor’s pick in this week’s carnival of personal finance!

Ask the grumpies: Gender and Publications

The Frugal Ecologist asks:

I really want to know what you guys think about this study about publication quantity vs. quality in males vs. females. In particular Figure 1 – so many women at the bottom… so many men at the top…

Do they control for time in the profession?  You would get that picture if women have only entered into the field of ecology recently.  Old guys who have been around for a while will have both more pubs and more citations, just because their work has been around longer and they’ve been around longer.

A resource you could check out is:   starting with tutorial 1.  It will tell you what the numbers are across multiple fields (STEM, law, medicine, etc.) and how we can interpret them (later moving on to why they got this way and how we can change things).  This is a site prepared by an expert in this field, crunching down the data and making it in an easy-to-display form.  The tutorials have voiceover narration that tells you the main points, and you can click around for getting more numbers if you want.  Or read the transcripts.  This is where I would usually point people when they want to know about this topic.  Happy reading!