Meaty Link Loving: Get it while it’s hot!

We’re back, baby, and surfin’ the ‘net.

a petition about gifted kids

holy heck, fo shizzle from visual news

fun math videos from Icevering

It’s not your job to keep peace with an unlikeable mansplainer, from captain awkward.

this was a really good discussion back in the day when #1 was just learning feminist theory

They need to make one of these for toddlers.

Seanan McGuire suggests a response to credential checking

Mary Robinette Kowal with fennec foxes taking a bubble bath

this program that nzmuse did is cool

Lewis Black makes fun of TX.

People are working fewer hours.

THAT KITTEN! IT NEEDS ME TO LOVE IT! (and Mutant needs to file contempt paperwork a lot) KITTEN!

never ever will I be chair ever, but thankfully Musey Me is giving us the run-down

Vanity Fair with 25 random thoughts on current events

the discussion in this language log blog is cool

Subdued excitement with harbingers of a new black tomorrow

We disagree with Mr. Scalzi– cocoa also doesn’t taste as good without milk or sugar, but it is still good.  Speaking of Scalzi, did you see this timewaster of nouns?

ht delegar.  Speaking of Delegar, we’ve just been loving her all week/month/year.  Go check her out if you’re not a regular.

10 Responses to “Meaty Link Loving: Get it while it’s hot!”

  1. monsterzero Says:

    Re: fewer hours, a couple of years ago I started taking half-days on Fridays and it is AWESOME. Of course, since I’m paid hourly, I’m voluntarily giving up 10% of my income to do that (and I do realize that I’m amazingly privileged to be able to afford that). But if everyone who could work fewer hours did so, there’d be a lot more jobs available. It seems like increasing automation should lead to shorter hours rather than higher unemployment. Because unemployment is awful, but goofing off is sweeeet.

  2. delagar Says:

    Thanks for the link, N&M!

  3. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Language Log is totally douchey about moderating their comments, so f*cke them.

  4. Rumpus Says:

    Where would the world be without foxes in my bathtub? Because that’s clearly where you should keep them.

  5. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Book carvings always make me sad. I wish they didn’t because they’re cool but they do.
    Foxes! As pets! In bubble baths! CUTE!
    Work hours: Interesting. I’ve heard it was the opposite. I guess it depends on the field? This makes me sad: “Just what are we doing with all these extra hours? Watching more TV, mostly.”
    I can’t get the Vanity Fair link to work.
    My brain is too cluttered with snot to follow the Language Log.
    I always thought pot smelled more like a wet christmas tree forest myself… I like coffee mixed with things. The gravy effect if you will.

    Thanks for the link. He got adopted by my friend and I am happy because I can visit him all the time and because he has a loving family to play with him.

  6. chacha1 Says:

    Woebegone wet fox kits … cute/sad, amazingly quiet! Clearly one of them was muckiest. The way it just sat there in the water after the first round of shampoo, like all hope was gone … LOL.

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