Linnk lovve

We are very sad to hear that Barbara Mertz has died.  My Jacqueline Kirbys will be well loved this weekend.

Academic cog discusses hot stuff.

Women know more than just love and sex from Salon.  (h/t squadratomagico)

Taking a page from scifi, the skeptics are now naming names of sexual harassers.  Sadly it looks like the skeptics in charge are going to go the Nature route rather than the SF route.  Maybe Science Fiction really is visionary and not stuck in the 1950s.

Seanan Mcguire discusses why she will not give her characters rape stories.  We approve.

We’re sure you saw the NYTimes story on golly gee, it’s hard to get back in the labor market after an absence.  Here’s commentary from bardiac, historiann, not of general interest, and dr. crazy.

Randall Monroe finishes time.  h/t bardiac

in case you missed the test tube meat story

Replies to misogynist letters back in the day.

Even your dog doesn’t want to eat your students’ essays.

Happy just stop being day from girls are pretty.

7 Responses to “Linnk lovve”

  1. undinenotofgeneralinterest Says:

    Thanks for the link, nicoleandmaggie! Your statement says in a few words what the NYT took a few thousand to say.

  2. Historiann Says:

    Thanks for the linkie love, and for the excellent discussion over at my place.

  3. Rumpus Says:

    The burnination will continue well into next week, with high probability of peasant-squishing in the early mornings.

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