How is it already Saturday’s link love?

It has been an insanely crazy busy week.  For those of our beloved blogs that we’ve been neglecting, we apologize!  We did a whole bunch of reading all at once but didn’t have it left in us to comment as much as usual.  #1 is still going to be working all weekend because there’s a stupid service grant report due and she didn’t even get the data until earlier this week.  But hey, summer salary, right?

Let’s see if we even sent each other any links at all… we must have, right?

Minx had an intriguing discussion about how when female slate columnists want to do something trollish and stupid, they put it in the XX bin, but when male columnists do the same, they put it on the main site.  The original link-bait article ze’s talking about isn’t worth clicking on… unless you’re really into reading Miley-style blogs.

What is a Miley-style blog?  Stirrup Queens explains here in this excellent post.  Do you have a Miley Cyrus style blog or an Adele, or something else entirely?  (And what are we?)

Oh, and speaking of Miley Cyrus… CNN asks why we’re speaking of Miley Cyrus when Robin Thicke should be taking equal, if not more, blame.  Honestly I didn’t even know Robin Thicke was involved until I saw this headline!  (I get all my celebrity news these days by reading headlines and not actually clicking on the links.)

Pointless armor now available in dude!

One simple tip that could save a bicyclist’s life.

This is hilarious… if you’re into speed traps.

Stacking pennies discusses identity.

I gotta tell ya, I felt like a BOSS in college when I had black forest cake and a multivitamin for breakfast.

Disney princesses sing for equal pay.

You took that well, scientific sexism (a comic strip guide).

15 Responses to “How is it already Saturday’s link love?”

  1. darchole Says:

    If you’re seen the latest Robin Thicke music videos, especially the uncensored version, you’ll see why he deserves more blame than Miley. Also compared to those videos her performance was not even that graphic.

  2. Linda Says:

    Speed cameras are HOT in Chicago right now. While we’ve had red light cameras for a few years, our first speed camera went on line just last week. It’s installed near a park, and all of the 50 speed cameras are being installed near parks or schools. Many driving advocates are incensed by the cameras and say they are being used simply to bring more revenue to the city.

    Maybe so, but that first camera was installed not far from my house and I am happy to have it there. While critics of speed cameras say that redesigning streets helps slow drivers down, it’s not always possible to do that. This particular camera is located near a park that has a tot lot, ball playing fields, and a pool. Across the street are houses and several side streets leading to more houses. There are a few traffic lights in place that slow things down a bit, and on days that there are games the cars parked along the street slow traffic down, too. But most days of the week it is like a free-for-all along this street. If you’re not driving at least 40 MPH in this 30 MPH zone you may be tail-gated and harassed as a driver; as a cyclist I am terrified by the zooming cars, although at least I don’t have to worry about getting doored in the one direction where no parking is allowed.

    How would this street be re-designed to slow drivers down? Would the houses lining the one side be torn down and shops added? Or would that happen on the side that is a park? It’s ridiculous that drivers can’t take responsibility for their driving and just pay attention to traffic rules. People of all ages are walking along the street to the nearby grocery store or are visiting the park for a swim, a picnic, a ride on the swings, or a jog.

    I do think there are some ridiculous places where these speed cameras are being installed. A long stretch of road bordered by cemeteries (but apparently close enough to an official park that it fits the requirements) seems to be a blatant revenue-generating plant. But for many of them, I am hopeful that they do influence people to slow down near these areas where the only “traffic design” challenge is that there are open public lands for recreation or learning.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      That’s a very nice article. I like that they have hours of enforcement that make sense for the parks and schools (“Enforcement hours around schools will be between 7 AM and 7 PM Monday through Friday, while parks will be enforced by the cameras from 6 AM to 11 PM seven days a week.” according to the article you linked to)

      It’s definitely an interesting policy question, and there are pros and cons to doing and and possibilities for misuse as well.

      • Debbie M Says:

        I had never heard about people deliberately shortening the yellow light–yikes.

        In my opinion, the answer is to make another road that people would rather take–lure them away with something better. Don’t run a freeway through your town and then build schools and parks and houses off of it and wonder why people are driving at highway speeds.

        In my town, people add road humps and traffic circles (often with trees in the middle that block visibility) to slow traffic. (They are called “traffic calming” devices for some unknown reason.) Sometimes they just block an entrance, change roads to one way, or even completely rip up the road. In my opinion, they are spending money to make things worse for drivers. (If you like this strategy, I prefer just not fixing potholes. Then at least you’re saving money to make the road worse.)

        Instead, they should use the money to make better routes and to make things better for bicyclists, pedestrians, and public transportation takers. I would love to see more sidewalks, bike lanes (between sidewalks and parked cars like in The Netherlands, not between parked cars and moving cars), and pedestrian and bike bridges.

        Thanks for your bike tip link–I’ll be linking to that, too!

  3. becca Says:

    Thank you for the chocolate cake post. Finally, scientists doing something USEFUL.

  4. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    We are *so* an Adele blog. This makes me happy because I like her so much more. Seriously, Skyfall? Woo. Adele’s voice is genuinely amazeballs.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I dunno though, we do have those deliberately controversial posts… Also [insert joke about twerking here (if they can joke about twerking on wait wait don’t tell me…)]

  5. Dr. Virago Says:

    Thank you for that image of pointless armor, dude style. That was ridiculous and hilarious!

  6. Steph Says:

    The funny thing about speed cameras, at least in my parents’ home county, is that you don’t actually have to slow down too much to go through them. Most will let you go if you’re up to 9 mph over the limit, and even the more sensitive ones let you go up to 5 miles over. But people slow down to 5 miles under, often slamming on their brakes if they’ve forgotten, both of which can be dangerous if the driver behind you isn’t paying attention. (I will admit to slamming on my brakes, though I don’t typically drop below the limit at that point…) It also doesn’t seem to accomplish the task of actually slowing people down: unless there’s a lot of traffic, the cars slow down just for that 100 foot stretch, then speed right back up. If that’s right in front of a school, great, but they’re still a money grab more than anything effective.

    My Dad and sister had great fun “slingshotting” aggressive drivers into one camera. The speed limit dropped from 50-40-30 in a pretty short stretch of road, and the camera was just after the switch to 30. If they had an antsy driver behind them, they had a way of decelerating at the right pace so the other driver would get annoyed, pass them, and hit the gas in time to fly through the camera.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Hm, pondering… I bet it would be pretty easy for a con-artist to send fake bills to people, say, for example, linking to a fake web address that takes people’s credit card information.

      • Steph Says:

        I think it would be too much effort for not enough reward. The actual ticket comes with a picture of your license plate, whether it comes from the red light or speed cameras. I guess if someone had never gotten one, they might be tricked, but I feel like almost everyone I know has gotten caught at least once by now. And they give you the date, time, and camera location, so they’d have to know when you might drive by that camera.

  7. MutantSupermodel Says:

    The Adele vs Miley was interesting. I really liked that one. I think you are much closer to Adele than Miley. BUt you DO have deliberately controversial posts. Maybe you’re more like Amy Winehouse? :P

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