long lost link love

We both spent way too much time this week reading through hundreds of pages of Yo, Is this Racist?  That prompted a response from one of us to this poignant post on stirrup queens, not so much for the act itself (which was obviously racist), but for the clueless racist comments in the comments section.  (#2 notes, this one is funny)

Isis discusses privilege and what we wish for our children.  I agree.

Squeezed between feminism talks about her experiences slouching towards feminism.  It, combined with a realization about a couple of my senior (white, female) colleagues, is helping to illuminate what the younger black studies guy in my department has been trying to explain to me about the failures and backlash of second wave feminism and… I should probably talk about this in another post.  (#2 says, Intersectionality or GTFO)

Historiann introduces ask a slave. 

Perhaps if folks tried to relate more with people whose experiences were different from their own, they’d become better people.  Just sayin’.  From the little professor.

excelsior bev tells us about her unfavorite things.

the only good use for kale (though #1 likes kale chips)

He’s just got to go.

The toast provides evidence that oscar wilde and walt whitman totally did it.

this otter has mad juggling skillz

zomg we found the perfect journal

What now suggests sucking less.

We were in this week’s carnival of personal finance.  It’s extra cranky this week.  Also figured out why people are so down on link loves from it.  Well, we only link to things we think are worth reading and I don’t think we do quid pro quo links, or if we are, we’re doing it wrong because we’re not getting the quid part in return.

8 Responses to “long lost link love”

  1. mochimac @ save. spend. splurge. Says:

    If I had my way, there’d be only 20 articles in the Carnival but apparently that is not the spirit of the CoPF.

    Why don’t you try offering to do a CoPF? You’ll have to go through what I did and wade through 95% crap that is unoriginal and not in the slightest bit interesting.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      The one time we did offer we got rejected (or the application was lost, but I think we actually were rejected…it was a couple years ago). We also have no problem with just copy pasting people’s comments next to the post title. There are plenty of more selective carnivals.

      But it is your right to be cranky! Especially since that seems to be your current blog persona, or the main characteristic of the posts of yours that other people link to en masse. A blog called grumpy rumblings can’t complain about that without setting off major forces of irony.

  2. monsterzero Says:

    The “got to go” link goes to the same page as the Whitman/Wilde one. All the squeeing in the comments there is hilarious.

  3. Cloud Says:

    Thanks for linking to that Stirrup Queens post- I would have missed it, and it was great.

  4. Mel Says:

    Ha — and because of your comment, I spent half the afternoon scrolling back through Yo, Is This Racist? Thanks for all these links. More time lost! :-)

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