I’ll just put these right here

I have all these cool pics that I was going to add to posts but they don’t seem to fit in places, so… here you go!  Amusing things to look at.


This is so gorgeous and also BOSS

librarian humor

nice sloth

The top part may or may not be true

why is this trueDon’t we all?

Ok, grumpeteers, amuse us!


15 Responses to “I’ll just put these right here”

  1. Belle Says:

    I adore that tub, and the sloth makes me giggle. And of course, say awwwww.

  2. Liz Says:

    The tub!!!!! Also — the last one, YES. But more than the alphabet, I put up my left hand every single time to see the “L” so I can tell my directions apart. It probably looks like I’m waving hello to my computer screen when working on tables in Word or in Excel.

  3. rented life Says:

    BATMAN! YES! (I try to do the “I am batman” voice to amuse my husband.) I have to sing the alphabet when putting anything in that type of order or to remember where the CD’s (organized by my husband) go. Every time. I also do “righty tighty, lefty loose-y.”

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Oh yeah, I have to do the righty-tighty thing too. Good call.

      • ana Says:

        Same here…but then I can’t figure out which one is left. So then I have to do the “L” thing. I just CANNOT figure out right from left without a whole lot of thought. Why does this not come naturally? I can clearly SAY left turn and make a right turn. Aren’t you glad I’m not a surgeon?

  4. Practical Parsimony Says:

    I rely on muscle memory to tighten and loosen anything. If that fails, which it rarely does, I just remember how to get the lid on and off the Miracle Whip–nothing else, just the MW. However, I have no idea which direction is R or L, so it would do no good at all the remember righty-tighty anything.

    Once when driving, I made four rights according to directions I wrote out in words. I got lost. After going back to the beginning, I got lost twice more. Those right-hand turns were actually made to the left. I ended up about ten miles out in the country instead of in a 5 or 6 blocks in a subdivision. Neither of my two sisters or my two daughters knows right from left. I consider not knowing this an epic failure when trying to drive. I have to point for the driver if I give directions. I draw pictures in my head of a route, so I can follow the picture. I guess that is weird. I rarely get lost, just confused.

    I don’t remember ever learning the alphabet song until I was older, long after I knew the alphabet. So, I just say a few letters to alphabetize. Doesn’t everyone? .

    At last I figured out the Batman library picture. Every other time I have seen it, I shrugged and forgot about it. That is hilarious.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Glad to provide a chuckle in your day!

    • Debbie M Says:

      Oh yes, route pictures are so much easier. I normally get left and right correct, but I’ll just skip one of the turns. That can also lead to ending up someplace unbelievable. Love google maps. Even better on the iPhone which shows you where you are as well as the route.

    • rented life Says:

      I point when giving directions too. So does my mom. “That way.” with a hand wave. After about a year together husband figured out my cues and doesn’t say “can’t you just say left or right?” I can not think of the words fast enough, so pointing is easier.

      • Practical Parsimony Says:

        Oh, I can say the words fast enough, but they are as likely to be wrong as right. I truly don’t get right and left as concepts. Yes, I understand “up” and “down.”

        I went down the main aisle at Kmart after a clerk told me to look for something on the left and turn into that lane for whatever I wanted. Soon, she and the clerk with her were yelling, yes–yelling, “left, left, left.” Two more clerks along the way chimed in–“left, left.” People turned to look, came out of side aisles as I wandered along looking to the right. I was actually concentrating and trying so hard to get it. That was a very embarrassing incident in my horror tales of getting left and right confused.

        Sometimes, when I am trying to use one word or the other, I just stop and hold up my hand. Then, I sit there pondering which it could be that I am holding up. This always puzzles people as to why I am staring at my hand.

        My friend of 20 years finally realized I was not faking. He said he thought that I was trying to be cute and feminine by being perpetually confused about directions! He finally truly understood.

        When a child does not know right from left, don’t be upset. Your reaction will not make the child focus, concentrate, or learn anything. When I was a child in first grade and we said the Pledge of Allegiance, I always just sort of clenched my right fist so I would know which hand to put over my heart because every day the teacher would say, “Put your right hand over your heart.” I knew which hand I ate with and knew it was right.” My sister broke her left arm and knew it was the left arm so she said she tightened her left arm as a child and even as an adult to figure out right from left. Neither my sisters nor I ever admitted to anyone we did not know the difference. And, we discussed it all in the same week with each other 35, 33, and 28 years. It was a burden to carry this secret. .

  5. chacha1 Says:

    love the tentacular bathroom.

  6. Revanche Says:

    that is an amazing tub.

    I have little to no short term memory some days: I will shampoo three times and missed conditioner b/c I kept forgetting what I HAD done already. Or forget to rinse the conditioner out.
    I forget right/left sometimes, and also how to figure it out so if I don’t remember right hand over heart, I stare at the sky for a while waiting for it to come back to me.

    I love Batman memes: I AM THE NIGHT!

  7. KeAnne Says:

    I love the librarian one :-)

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