Where did I put that link love?

Toby Ziegler gives a great metaphor for the government shutdown.

The Supreme Court is set to remove the limits that any single person can donate in a political campaign.  Because obviously the rich need more power in this country.

I’m never having kids…. Creative Kids play discusses little blue dresses.

How to tell if a toy is for boys or girls:  A Guide.

Academic jungle talks about communicating science.

Kind of sketchy brings grammar pirate.  Are!

Ferule and Fescue explains university snafu money problems from the perspective of a college student.

Wonders and marvels discuss names of dogs in ancient Greece.

We’re not sure what to make of this acephalous post on obamacare.

Excelsior bev asks what the point of a study guide is if the students don’t read it.  (Some of the students will though!)

Family friendly tenure policies result in salary penalty for professors.

Why the ACA matters to scalzi.

Funny about money explains why the republican party is bad for business and bad for America.

inspirational advice for us all from yoisthisracist

donna freedman tells writers to stop undervaluing their work

cats who are having a worse day than you

msbehaved explains why brafitting is bullshit and shefinds explains why bra sizes are bullshit

the distribution of grants and scholarships by race

Worried Google is getting too smart?  Slate isn’t.

new hyperbole and a half!


5 Responses to “Where did I put that link love?”

  1. Creative Kids Play Says:

    Thanks for the link love! The post is a year old, but still true today! I had to buy a third blue wardrobe this summer! She claims that when she turns 4 next week she will switch to red. I told her that 4 year olds wear ALL the colors, but whether this will be ok with her or not remains to be seen.

  2. Funny about Money Says:

    Thanks for the link! :-) I’m honored to be included in such a great list.

  3. Rosa Says:

    not wading into the comments over on the bra-fitting posts, but I *did* spend this summer learning by trying on a million bras and then having a talk with the saleslady at Nordstrom’s that Bali bras run big in the cup, which is why my 38DDD Bali finger bra (which I’ve been buying for almost a decade now – my first pregnancy pushed me out of the cheapo Target DDs into “expensive” $25 bras) was the same or bigger cup sized than 36 G and H bras in other brands.

    Which is kind of nice, given I like these bras and they fit fine. But I’m doomed if Bali ever changes anything.

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