You know you wanna google it

Q:  who is a good marriage partner for an electrical engineer

A:  Me!

Q:  does tiaa-cref deal in gold?

A:  don’t do itte!

Q: can an emergency room dr. charge a level 3 office copay

A:  probably?

Q:  is love for food a sin

A:  Love for food is not the same as gluttony, which requires over-indulgence (to the point of waste).  So, no.  Also, this would require you to believe in the concept of sin, so…

Q:  by what name we shud call our partner

A:  ask them what name they prefer

Q:  something snart to say to grumpy people

A:  Snart you!

Q:  how to deal with bad grade in grad school

A:  vodka.  (Disclaimer, grumpy rumblings does not promote irresponsible drinking)

Q:  why do people have comforts

A:  Because otherwise we wouldn’t stay alive long enough to reproduce and the human race would die out.

Q:  why im considered authoritative

A:  because of my fancy moustache.

Q:  what are you doing my parents are home

A:  Sorry!  I’ll just move… that… over here.  Yeah.  My bad.


4 Responses to “You know you wanna google it”

  1. Holly@ClubThrifty Says:

    Nice! I really like reading what people are googling these days. The searches that lead people to my site are downright scare sometimes =/

  2. Debbie M Says:


    I have two answers for “how to deal with bad grade in grad school.” 1) Re-think whether you should be in grad school. Is this just a fluke (the one course you knew would be trouble), or do to something you can fix (in my case, I learned I should not take two undergraduate courses in additional to my full grad load, no matter how fun those two courses are) or a sign that you’re in the wrong place?

    2) If you want to stay, figure out if you need more time (fewer courses per semester, fewer working hours), better study skills (your college probably has a place that can teach you this–and if you’re smart you may not have needed study skills before), a better roommate, or what.

    I like your fancy moustache–don’t ever change.

  3. femmefrugality Says:

    I rebel against mustaches. It’s an authority thing.


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