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I’ve sent you this site before but I still like it: Especially the little story about dad on an airplane

link love candidate: the insidiousness of pink

oh man, also,

though the end of that post… it is not my job to determine why someone isn’t turning in his homework or going to exams if he doesn’t want to ask for help.  I’m not a clinical psychologist or therapist and could do real harm by poking into things I’m not qualified to poke into.   Definitely point people to resources and make allowances given emergency situations, but at some point I’m not qualified to probe.
I generated a plot using the plot-generation device:

5 Responses to “link love”

  1. Rosa Says:

    suggesting professors do more intervention with students is the kind of front-line “solution” you get when the whole system is broken. Like expecting retail workers to notice bad meat instead of having supply-chain controls, or having customer service reps break company policy to fix common consumer complaints. The main problem is how to help working-class kids succeed at university and it’s nobody’s job to fix it right now, because it’s a systemic problem.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      THANK YOU! thank you for saying this.

      • Rosa Says:

        I mean, i liked the article. I think it’s awesome for professors to do that kind of stuff. But you know what would help with child care and scheduling issues? Child care, and class schedule flexibility from the university itself.

        I am going to a community college right now and affordable or subsidized drop-in child care would help students so, so much. My classes have been amazing for flexibility but that’s mostly up to the instructors – I’m in a 3-instructor department where 2 of the instructors use online tools and are responsive to students, and one is not, and there is no redress for students – they just have to suck it up and take his classes when he’s the only one teaching them.

  2. rented life Says:

    More on the pink:
    I used to work for a breast cancer research center. I know things now that have me working hard to NEVER buy the pink products. So many of the research grants aren’t about preventing or cures.

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