Link love (at long last)

Sorry for the delay– #1 went to bed with a migraine last night and forgot to mention to #2 that she couldn’t do the link love.  Let’s see what we’ve got here…

I’m white, and even I know that “tone trolls” are racist.  I mean, duh.  You don’t even need to write into “yo am I racist” to get the answer to that one.  So yes, DNLee may not call a tone troll racist, but uh, Mr. Skaggs is one, and it’s pretty clear that Mr. Kipling both knows it and is racist himself.  If you don’t want to expose yourself to worries that people will call you racist, stop being racist!

Ben Schmidt has a really neat graphic and explanation for changes in college degrees over time.  My hypothesis for that increase in humanities in the 60s is women going into college but being encouraged to stay far away from manly non-humanities degrees.  But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The one key difference between those who excel at math and those who don’t, from qz.

Mike the mad biologist explains why we can’t have nice things, healthcare edition.

Yet another Obamacare horror story debunked.  Television journalists no longer do any fact checking!

Did you know that Suzanne Somers is an expert on nothing?  True story.

Mr. Money Moustache also weighs in on Obamacare.

Mothers in medicine discusses the dilemma doctors face with the opiate epidemic.

Oh nuts, I guess we won’t be getting this one.  Also prompted a discussion with DC1 on the series.  If only Bruno and Boots were illustrated!

You know we can hear you when you go on the daily show, right?

The video in this tenured radical post on blackface is really good.

Not something we thought we would ever see.  “Starfleet uniforms are getting silly now”

We want this chair.

This is really cute.  Cute overload even.

zomg why do we not link to Maru’s blog

An Iowa campus catches its unlikely vandalist.

Bardiac gives us the evolution of faculty attitudes.

Oh man, this Rachel Maddow clip is HILARIOUS.  Oh, Rand Paul, not many people who plagiarize are going to lift their stuff from the Wikipedia article on Gattaca.  I guess fake libertarians don’t care about property rights, just about keeping women from controlling their own bodies.

8 Responses to “Link love (at long last)”

  1. Debbie M Says:

    The math-person one is interesting. I pretty much always got C’s in math AND was taught that intelligence is inborn (but that I have it), yet I still think I am a math person. Humans are so unpredictable!

    Fortunately, in the 4th grade I met someone who got straight A’s. I had thought that was impossible, probably because my first grade teacher said that getting an A made you perfect and no one was perfect. (Why yes, she did give me a B in spelling the semester where I missed two words, but she had to give me an A the semester where I missed zero words.) The gal with the straight A’s also taught me about studying. It seemed sort of like cheating to me.

    I also learned that trying to think (rather than just hoping to magically understand things) helps you think. But I’m still bad at trying things over and over that I don’t get the first time. (I’ll try a second time, and feel quite proud of myself for trying a third time, but there’s still loads of room for improvement there!)

    And with math, I was getting C’s in harder and harder classes that fewer and fewer people were taking. One day I realized that lots of otherwise perfectly normal adults were afraid of math. And when I couldn’t get a job teaching social studies, I got certified to teach math (math and science seemed more interesting that special ed and my mom pointed out that math doesn’t require labs), so now I’m officially a math person.

  2. darchole Says:

    Video of Maru and Hana, the kitten:

  3. Liz Says:

    I don’t understand what you mean by “tone trolls.” Can you define it? I’ve been looking at the related article/blogger/fiasco, so I’m somewhat familiar with the example scenario, but am having trouble understanding where and how the term applies.

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