getcha google answers here

Q:  how to teach a child to be well behaved in a group

A:  If you figure out the answer to this one, be sure to sell it.

Q:  do my students write awful things about me

A:  probably… but most likely it isn’t a big deal, they’re just temporarily frustrated with having to learn stuff

Q:  tiaa cref life funds?

A:  Sure!

Q:  why it’s important to work a minimum wage job

A:  It’s not.  Not even if you’re an over-privileged Fox news commentator.  Turns out they don’t learn any good life lessons from that.

Q:  should i give a christening gift after ive given a substantial baby gift?

A:  It is totally up to you.

Q:  does anyone love their vertical blinds

A:  people love all sorts of hideous things

Q:  can temp work hurt you in the long run

A:  oh man, I just read a paper with this as a side-finding and I think the answer is no.  Though logically it depends on what the temp work is replacing– it’s probably better to do career work than temp work and temp work than nothing.  YMMV.

Q:  how do i tell my in laws who have grown up kids i wont be buying them chrismas pressents from now on ?

A:  politely?  Or passive-aggressively.  Or not at all…

Q:  why are my kids so grumpy after preschool

A:  Not enough naps.  Also possibly hunger.

Q: what is going on in education these days

A:  First generation of entirely NCLB is reaching college.  Joy of joys.  At least the whole language cohorts seem to have finally passed through and these kids can read even if they can’t think critically.  Critical thinking is a little easier for us to teach than reading.


13 Responses to “getcha google answers here”

  1. bogart Says:

    Q1 before selling it, patent it ;)! Also please let me know if you work out how to save time in a bottle.

    Q: how do i tell my in laws who have grown up kids i wont be buying them chrismas pressents from now on ?

    “I’ve decided to focus my gifting on children.” Or, make a big (or small) contribution to some good cause (Heifer International comes to mind, but there are plenty of others) and let the adult kids know you are doing this instead of buying them gifts. Or, if you sent gifts and they fail to write thank-you notes, well, you’re set — just let everyone know you don’t give gifts to adults who don’t write thank-notes (I figure you can be more lenient with kids if you want to, on the grounds that they are still learning. Your call.)

    Q: why are my kids so grumpy after preschool

    Could also be just that they are “holding it together” at preschool and then letting it out on you, their parent, whom they trust most of all to tolerate grumpiness. But I’m mostly inclined to vote for needing naps and/or food also. I always carried (tried to) some snack food in my car for precisely this reason.

  2. Debbie M Says:

    Wow on the last question!


    Aren’t some minimum-wage jobs entry-level jobs at places that also have good jobs?

    I’m taking a $10/hr job next year. Just to get some money. I CAN live on my savings, so I’m not into government helps, but I’d rather minimize the draining. Even though these days I’m starting to feel like the companies that provide low-wage jobs can only do it because government aids to their employees are what allow them to eat daily and live indoors, which kind of makes me angry.


    At preschool, you’re surrounded by other preschoolers all day. They are always trying to take your toys, or hitting you over the head, or shoving you out of their way. And you have to take naps at a pre-determined time instead of the time that’s best for you.


    I love my vertical blinds. They keep the sun off my piano, they remind me of when I lived in Florida (which was a good time for me), they look good on my 1950’s house, and they were the only good window coverings that came with the house. Mine are white and made of some sort of plastic–I don’t understand those fabric ones.

  3. KeAnne Says:

    I hadn’t thought about whole language for years, and I am SO glad it is out of favor (for now). I’m curious to see if this first generation of NCLBers are different in any significant way than prior generations.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      The biggest thing I’m finding is that their computer skills suck. They’re great with their smartphones but they can’t use excel or even find files on their laptops.

      • KeAnne Says:

        It is so funny to me that so-called “experts” keep touting this and upcoming generations as so talented w/ technology, yet everything I read and hear from people who actually work with that age group is the opposite: they have less knowledge than you would expect.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        My *mother* (a humanities professor) was recently complaining about how this generation of students is worse with technology than she is, something she thought she’d never see.

        Maybe their specialized smartphone knowledge will translate into work in the future, I dunno.

  4. Laura Vanderkam (@lvanderkam) Says:

    While over-privileged news commentators in general didn’t learn anything from the minimum wage jobs of their youth, it might be fun to see them work those jobs now. I personally would enjoy that.

    But they’re not inherently awful jobs if it’s possible to move up within an establishment, or within a career track over time. My first job out of college gave me a take-home pay of $1200/month – while over minimum wage for 40h/week, it’s not much over. I lived cheaply and did OK and got a lot of experience and connections that helped later.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      It’s a lot easier to move up that ladder, even at a fast food place, if you’re a middle class white dude (or some combination thereof). That is exactly why that overprivileged Fox News commentator didn’t learn anything. He got promoted right away at age 16. (Plus he didn’t take into account inflation making his wage at the time actually higher than min wage now.) I would definitely enjoy seeing him work the grills at McDonald’s now.

      I didn’t make much in graduate school, but that’s nothing at all like working a true minimum wage job.

  5. Cloud Says:

    I worked minimum wage service industry jobs in high school and college, and what I learned was that those are really unpleasant jobs. People treat you poorly and assume you’re an idiot. You usually have to be on your feet for long periods of time. People abuse you for policies that you had no role in setting. The things I hated about it had nothing to do with the money.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      But that’s not what happened to over privileged Fox News commentator. Of course he thinks there’s nothing wrong with these jobs–he was promoted to manager right away.

      • Cloud Says:

        Yeah. He’s an ass. I went and watched the clip, though, and my “favorite” was the woman who thought $250k/year was “close to poverty”. It is like they live inside a reality distortion field.

        (Also, I didn’t mean to imply the money was good. It wasn’t. I was just at an age and of a privileged enough background for that not to be the thing I hated about the job.)

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