Another late link love

Yeah, we’ve been kind of falling down on the job with these.  #1 blames her ipad making it a pain to do the links.  She’s not sure what #2’s excuse is.

And of course gmail is having problems right now so grabbing the links we collected is being SLOW.  There we go, it’s better now.

I just had to go through a video training that was almost identical to this.  No fast-fowarding, no letting you skip ahead.  And she was reading slowly off the slides.  STOP READING THINGS OFF THE SLIDES.  I CAN READ.

Not sure what to make of this article about qwerty keyboards.  Have we been told lies or is there an element of truth?

I miss Dr. Tingle.

Simon is totally not lame.  He’s pretty darn awesome.  It’s neat how some people who are internet peeps work hard and find fulfillment.  It’s sad how some people have a flash of fame and money and are irresponsible and always searching for the next big thrill and never do find happiness, except in small doses.

Delicious literary cakes.

Adults can get whooping cough, thanks to noted baby-killer Jenny McCarthy.

Employers want college graduates who know how to write.  (This just in…)

I already knew that Feynman was an asshole (like one of the commenters, I found out in high school shortly after reading that same passage in The Double Helix, though that galvanized me to want to go into science… wasn’t until I actually experienced sexism myself… moving on…)  But here’s some more Feynman was a misogynist asshole stories.

Irony on yoisthisracist

the joys of student statements

An update on mouse obesity— maybe it’s not related.

And now for some seriously hot guys:

(Salt and Pepa were AWESOME.  Though knowing that two of them have kids in college now makes us feel a little old.)

5 Responses to “Another late link love”

  1. bogart Says:

    Yeah. As someone who was not (fully) vaccinated againt pertussis as a kid because I had a really bad reaction to the first of the shots, and who’s been advised (by my doctor. You know, the MD sort!) not to get even the less effective but also less dangerous version as an adult, the whole neglect-of-herd-immuity thing troubles me. Well MY family is fully vaccinated (other than me), at least.

    I was going to write vax’ed, but I figured I didn’t want to encourage or engage in sloppy writing, given that other link.

  2. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Love Salt n Pepa! But something is wrong with that YouTube video: it’s all staticy.

  3. Rumpus Says:

    Literary cakes is a cool idea.

    Oh geez, not whooping cough, ugh.

    I’ve known Feynman was a misogynist since I first heard about him. It’s a shame when I can’t just be amazed by people but have to mentally split them into amazing parts and terrible parts. There’s a little kid inside me that wishes I didn’t have to grow up and realize what jerks people often are.

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