Friday I’m in Google…

Q:  do classes matter in grad school

A:  Only the useful ones.  Also you generally need to pass.

Q:  why would someone accuse you of lying all the time

A:  I dunno– do you lie all the time?  If not, then they’ve probably got issues.

Q:  what happens if you pay off student loans early

A:  Generally you pay less in interest and you no longer have to make a monthly payment.  You can then direct that money to other purposes.

Q:  why do people want to be misery

A:  Because they, too, love company?

Q:  how do you pay your debt without getting a second job

A:  Spend less than you earn on your first job, apply that towards your debt.

Q:  what is dense hair on a cat?

A:  the undercoat?

Q:  whydocreditorsnotreporttoequifax

A:  wehavenoidea

Q:  how to cook really cheap

A:  We’re a big fan of sauteeing your really cheap in a pan.  But some people prefer baking.  Deep frying can be unhealthy.  Boiling tends to take the flavor away, though you end up with a flavorful really cheap stock once you’re done.

Q:  what to tell a person accusing you of lying

A:  I am rubber, you are glue.  Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

Q:  how often do people donate to charity?

A:  Possibly not often enough.

2 Responses to “Friday I’m in Google…”

  1. Debbie M Says:

    “do classes matter in grad school” – I learned that just passing isn’t enough. My advisor freaked out when I made some C’s because they were considered to be like D’s.

    “how to cook really cheap” – My favorite is probably to cut the food into small pieces, mix it together, warm it up in a sauce (spaghetti, chili, etc.), and then maybe serve it over some sort of grain (pasta, rice, toast, etc.).

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