Sunday always comes too late for link love

Cats in sweaters and Christmas carols.

Please make these and send them to us ASAP.

The mansplainer tumblr.

this Scalzi listing totally ate my time and my wishlist

Moria in excelsis talks writing sustenance.


Oil and Garlic’s new blog.

Hyperbole and a half on Fresh Air.

go home, Arkansas, you’re drunk

I would shoot myself if I had this assignment.

Excelsiorbev newfies loose chewed moose.

The meta picture is more entertaining than it should be.

Guess Sarah Palin also never read the Gospels.

Another kitten cam.  Also shirtless men with kittens.

Girl historian with letters to the editor in seventeen magazine, 1961.

A windy city gal eats her way through Scotland.

A gai shan life with random thoughts on poverty and the poor.

20 Responses to “Sunday always comes too late for link love”

  1. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    “I would shoot myself if I had this assignment.”

    I almost shot myself trying to read that f*en article. Jeezus motherf*.

  2. Dame Eleanor Hull Says:

    I would love that art history assignment.

  3. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    You guys crack us up.

  4. Miriam Says:

    I don’t think you would shoot yourself if you had that assignment. I had an art history assignment for a medieval art history class that did not specify a specific length of time for observation, but it sounds otherwise similar. We had to pick a single object in a museum, study it, and then write a descriptive essay about it. We also had to sketch ours. I don’t think I spent three hours doing the assignment, but I did spend probably an hour and could have easily spent longer if I’d been required to (and thus had budgeted the time in my day to do so). It’s a very natural type of assignment for art history.

    It’s also similar to what we do in Cultural Anthropology dissertation research commonly. We sit and observe over and over.

    Maybe that’s part of why I also really liked the article.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      #2 loved the article. I’m not saying I haven’t spent that length of time looking at art–I’m a fan of Dutch masters like Bosch and there’s always a lot going on in those pictures. But 3hours in college or today–I have much better things to do with my time. Staring at a painting that long when I could be doing something more active and interesting. Not fun. Note that I did not go into humanities.

  5. bogart Says:

    Gosh, just one more reason to be glad I almost never fetter my breasts. Please pass the Crunch-n-munch!

    (OTOH if they counter the bra with a pair of boxer shorts that prevents either (a) sexual assault or even just (b) mansplaining, I’d be willing to consider it a fair balance. Not holding my breath, though.).

  6. Debbie M Says:

    I’ve always thought chickens can make a story funnier. Also clucking. My sister and I once had to cluck our way through a verse of “Jingle Bells” to extricate ourselves from a surprisingly boring visit to a museum one morning.

  7. Revanche Says:

    Thank you for the link! Came by earlier to thank you and got terribly distracted by the other links! :)

  8. chacha1 Says:

    That cookie recipe is pure evil. I don’t, as a rule, bake cookies from scratch … because the last thing we need is a houseful of warm cookies … but DAMN.

  9. Linda Says:

    Glad you enjoyed my food post about Scotland! I’m currently having another bout of the diverticulitis, so food is a contentious subject for me. :-(

  10. sophylou Says:

    Thanks for the signal boost on the Seventeen magazine letters to the editor! Seventeen across the 1960s is turning out to be richer than I’d expected :)

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