Let us help you get rid of that extra dough

Give us yer monneeeyyyyyyyyyyyy…. time for the sometimes-yearly post about charitable giving.

Previous posts here and here, and still apply.  Go read them.  We’ll wait…

Ok, let’s get serious, folks.  Some charities need money and here’s some suggestions.

First off it’s perennial favorite, Child’s Play.  I already gave a bunch of crayons, bubbles, and CDs of children’s songs in Spanish to the children’s hospital near my cousins.  In addition to giving toys to kids in hospitals, this year they’re expanding to domestic violence shelters.

What’s not to love?

Next up, Planned Parenthood.  Please give them money.  Really.  Please.  They do cancer screenings and reproductive health for men and women, as well as pre-natal care and access to family planning.

Related, the ACLU performs an important role in society.  They protect everybody’s basic rights from the people who would take them away.

New suggestions this year:  Smaller charities where your dollars make an impact:

Do-Good Lab: A variety of sustainability/environment/improved quality-of-living projects in developing areas around the world.

Speak Your Silence: Overcoming the stigma of child sexual abuse through conversation.

As always, your local animal shelters and libraries need donations of time, money, and goods.  You may have also noticed that food pantries are going crazy this year with their drives– SNAP was cut so they really do need those donations.  This point, and lots of other good ones, are made in Scalzi’s holiday charity guide, so if you don’t like our suggestions, go read theirs.

(ETA:  more Scalzi charity work here [counteract a bigot], and here [help for ill writers].)

Pick one of ours, or one of yours.  Do something nice, willya?

21 Responses to “Let us help you get rid of that extra dough”

  1. Holly@ClubThrifty Says:

    As always, we dedicated our charitable contributions to charities that focus on children and animals this year. Adults are on their own. I do like some of your suggestions though, specifically Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. Maybe next year!!!

  2. Miser Mom Says:

    We do regular contributions to Planned Parenthood through our employer (they’re not part of the standard United Way group, so we have to designate them specially on the form). I’m a real fan of sponsoring a child overseas (we happen to do this through World Vision, but there are lots of other choices) and of donating to our local food bank . . . I’ve read in various places that those are two high-impact ways to give. And although I don’t have any stats on how effective these are, I have a warm, fuzzy spot for charitable loans through kiva (www.kiva.org).

  3. delagar Says:

    I like Kiva, too. Also Partners in Health.

  4. Leigh Says:

    I donated to Planned Parenthood! I also gave a small bit to a scholarship fund for my alma mater and some funds to a non-profit for women in technology. The bulk of my donations went to helping children in developing countries though and I plan to sponsor a child next year, probably a girl. I also donate to the random causes that my friends are running/walking for, which this year turned out to be cancer research and helping kids learn how to read.

    One of my ideas for if I continue to work past reaching FI is to donate the income I don’t need to live (not touching the principal of my stash, but using my income to cover expenses and donating much of the rest). I would love to donate it to a fund for improving the experience of women in STEM fields at my alma mater. (And also to charities like Planned Parenthood, children in developing countries, cancer research, etc.)

  5. Leah Says:

    Thanks for the reminder! We’ve been consciously working on donating more — our ultimate goal is 10% of our income.

    I am still looking for a good environmental charity to support that isn’t all embroiled in controversy. Sometimes I do nature conservancy. I like to find local charities that do good work (like our local nature center). I need to go do research now . . .

    I also like to donate to places that work on education for women overseas. I’ve donated to the Afghan Women’s Institute before. Overpopulation is concerning to me, and, statistically, working to support the education of women lowers the population rate in countries. Thus, Planned Parenthood also gets money from me for their excellent family planning work.

    One last one: my school raised money for the typhoon, and I learned about a new charity today that we donated to. The students did a ton of research to find charities they like with low overhead that allow direct donations to a cause. It’s called Direct Relief International, and they were already working in the Philippines providing medical aid. They have continued to do so since the typhoon.

    • Rosa Says:

      it’s not noncontroversial, but I really like the work Wildlands Network does, trying to stitch together connections between protected places so that animals and plants have space to migrate and adapt to climate change. http://www.twp.org/

      They’re also small enough that I got a handwritten note when I donated slightly more than usual (but not enough to stand out to a big charity!) because of a small inheritance one year.

  6. plantingourpennies Says:

    We’re doing our usual giving of presents to various “toy drives”, and this year we have adopted an old person – the tag on the tree said she wanted some nice hand towels and a box of chocolates. How awesome is that?!?
    Other than that, we’ll be sending some cash to my old high school since they’re fundraising for some new equipment for the physics department. Considering the equipment was ancient back when I was using it at the turn of the century… well, it’s long overdue and we’re happy to send them money.

  7. Rosa Says:

    thank you for the Kiva reminder – I hadn’t logged in since my old computer died, in July. I just got to make a bunch of loans with all the money repaid since then.

    A couple years ago, $300 to spend on Kiva ($25/mo) for that year was my Christmas present from my husband. I was in the habit for a long time of making a loan a month, with only a little bit of my own regular spending money added in to supplement some overhead donations.

  8. H @ Minding My Cents Says:

    We donated money to help those that were devastated by the super typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. I’ve been meaning to check out Kiva. I’m a small business owner myself so loaning $ to start a business appeals to me.

  9. Revanche Says:

    We did some in-kind donations to the animal shelter & I’ll probably use up more of my allowance on donating to the rescue we got Doggle from; I also dropped a chunk of cash into the fundraiser for Stan Sakai’s wife b/c Usagi Yojimbo and they’re the nicest couple I’ve met at every comic con ever.

    Two thumbs up to most of your list, I wish I had enough to spread around but whatever we can do, we will!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Yeah, one day when I become filthy rich I will give a lot of money to shelters and things.

      I also give small amounts to random things my friends and family do (run for leukemia, bike for asthma, etc.).

  10. Eli Rabett Says:

    Here is a “different” place to give money to. Support the Keeling Curve, the CO2 record on Mauna Loa and several other stations that is in great danger of folding as federal funding collapses. More about this project here

  11. Our annual charitable giving page | Grumpy Rumblings (of the formerly untenured) Says:

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