Another late link love

I don’t know what #2’s excuse is, but I’m way behind in grading.  An the ipad is no good for making link loves.  And I have an annoying cold.  Also people are wrong on the internet and I had to correct that before finishing this this morning.

Dr. Koshary brings us office hours in opera form.  Except without all the sex.

this is really cute, especially towards the end:

Laura Vanderkam asks about albums that conjure up memories.  She also notes you don’t have to be a SAHP.

A half baked life discusses a terrible birthday party she took her daughter to.


regression to the mean in platypus

Prof Cero says no to donating money to support a for-profit.

the more egalitarian a household is, the less housework gets done altogether.

How to peel mandarin oranges.

A cautionary note about FMRI studies.

And, as everybody has probably seen already this week, Oxford comma is your friend.

ZOMG  Owowowow.

Miser Mom shows one way of bringing more fun to Christmas chores.

oh shitballs, Texas:


10 Responses to “Another late link love”

  1. Z Says:

    Thank you for linking that! I sent the letter to him on letterhead, by U.S. mail, as it turned out … and I wonder what will happen. But people really need to be aware of these shenanigans, I say.

  2. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Loved the funny kidde notes! (But then I wasted another twenty minutes dickeing around on Buzzfeed.)

  3. Justine Says:

    Thanks for the link love! And holy *balls, I LOVE that Oxford comma link! :)

  4. ana Says:

    The kids notes were funny, and also poignant (don’t hit dogs! YES! maybe my boys will learn that one soon)

  5. Miriam Says:

    I know a fair amount of professional princesses, so I have to defend them. The party experience described is not at all the model princess companies in my area use (minus referring to face paint as makeup… they may do that although not in a gender discriminatory way). The people I know don’t sort the boys and girls into groups and gender-code the activities. They do a pretty standard set of children’s party entertainer type of activities (singing, book reading, magic, face painting, balloon twisting, arts and crafts) for the boys and girls together. Most princess companies are small businesses that are owned by one or two people. I think a half baked life just witnessed a particularly retrograde party company’s version of it.

  6. Dr. Koshary Says:

    Thanks, as always, for the link love!

  7. SP Says:

    I loved the article on housework. was hoping for more justification on not cleaning (i.e. “it doesn’t really help with life”), but it was interesting still. We are (finally!) going to hire out things like scrubbing. i have wanted to for some time, but every time I would try to convince my husband, he would go on a cleaning spree and say it wasn’t necessary. As long as I didn’t have to do it, fine. But better that neither of us have to! I want to have daughters, and I want to raise them to be able to live with mess. Was it here that I read a blog about that?

    Also, the letters from kids were adorable.

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