Q:  what to do after tenure

A:  be awesome.

Q:  should i consolidate my ira from tiaa cref to vanguard

A:  I don’t think you need to, but it’s up to you.  Which is most convenient for you?

Q:  if you start college in january. do you have the summer off

A:  it depends on your choices.

Q:  how to help a gifted student who is slow at timed math tests

A:  practice, and alternate methods.

Q:  when did you realize you had a big one

A:  High school.  (When I got the chance to compare.)

Q:  do grades in social work school matter

A:  We doubt it.

Q:  what makes me have a bitch face

A:  My mother.  (Nature?  Nurture?  You decide!)

Q:  is it more sanitary to wash dishes in sink full of water or dish by dish

A:  get a dishwasher.

Q:  how to clean and organize a dusty messy miserable horrible kitchen

A:  hire someone.  Even your friend.  Pay them in beer and pizza, or cook them something nice in your wonderful new redesigned kitchen.  (Or money for a professional.)

Q:  questions to ask kindergarten admissions directors

A:  Those are a thing?  Must be one of those coastal things.  Heck if we know.

One Response to “g-g-g-google”

  1. Revanche Says:

    Kindergarten admissions directors?
    Oh god, we probably have those here, don’t we? Schools for kids here are like the damn Hunger Games/Battle Royale.

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