A little link love

I would totally buy these Christmas cards.  So true!

Legally, you cannot be fired for infertility treatment.

When “life hacking” is really just white privilege and assholery.

Why people remain devoted to their home libraries.  Ooh.  (Pretty pretty.)

Good ole rich Percival Boner.

Delagar with Contrarians, not Conservatives.  Science backs this one up, yo.

And a reminder for those of you thinking about ever retiring… you might gotta work longer and/or save more!

4 Responses to “A little link love”

  1. Leah Says:

    That life hacking post is the best one I’ve ever read on white privilege. Thank you for posting!

  2. undine Says:

    Great links, as usual. I love the home libraries and the lifehacking one. People who say “Sure I broke the rules. It’s easy” (1) don’t recognize their own privilege and (2) wreck whatever it was for everyone else. They’re just an older version of the jailhouse lawyer students who’ve challenged syllabi on a technicality until we have to write them like legal documents. First person (let’s call him Entitled One) to break the rules gets away with it and is mightily impressed with his own cleverness. Subsequent people who break the rules, especially if they’re not the same gender or ethnicity as the Entitled One, get smacked down hard by an authority that’s already smarting from being taken advantage of by the Entitled One

  3. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    “Conservatives” are not “contrarian”; they are selfish, greedy, bigoted pigges who can’t bear the thought of the universe not revolving around their nasty piggish selves nor of anything anywhere ever benefiting anyone other than themselves, and especially not “those people”.

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