link love

Apparently if you let things die down after a double-down, they keep doing the EXACT SAME THING.  (Nature does it again.  I don’t know how anybody can take that rag seriously.)

Anne Jefferson explains exactly how the recent bad science stuff is doing harm.  Trenchant.

The weekly sift explains exactly why angry white men.  Fascinating.

I’d like somebody to name and shame.

The myth of gender blind parenting.

This doctor doesn’t understand why thinking of her patients as if they’re children and calling them “sweetie” might be, oh, I don’t know, just a little bit offensive (just her sweet pathetic female patients, mind you).  And why it’s ok for a waitress at Denny’s to call someone sweetie, but not for someone in a position of authority.  Like, my department secretary can bless my heart when I’m complaining, but I’d be seriously pissed if my dean did the same.  Initially, I thought it was great that she was willing to change her mind and stop doing something she hadn’t realized was problematic, but instead it looks like she’s attacking anybody who disagrees with her and was just trying to justify doing something she knows deep down is bad.  Note that all the people disagreeing with her (except us!) are doing it anonymously, reinforcing that authority thing.

Turns out booth babes don’t actually generate sales at tech functions.  Whoda thunk it?  It’s like it’s not the 1960s anymore or something.

If you can’t find your phone

Ideas are overrated.

capybara sits on a yuku forum


The adrenaline rush can be good.

This is so sweet.

This is a kind of neat exercise routine.

Toast.  Read it to the end.  Because it’s more than toast.

I might need one of these for work.

This is (less) funny because it’s true.

This is also true.  And less funny if you’re living it.

The new abortion laws, what you need to know.

Metonymy.  Not to be confused with meronymy or meronomy.

I picked this one.  It’s supposed to come next week.  (See the original thread for more details!)

“White male leader not actually a dickhead. Film at 11.”

A friendly reminder to take what your 3 year old says with a grain of salt.

4 Responses to “link love”

  1. Debbie M Says:

    My favorite part about the toast one: “Most of us dedicate the bulk of our attention to a handful of relationships: with a significant other, children, parents, a few close friends. Social scientists call these “strong ties.” But Carrelli can’t rely on such a small set of intimates. Strong ties have a history of failing her, of buckling under the weight of her illness. So she has adapted by forming as many relationships—as many weak ties—as she possibly can.” That is a fascinating survival strategy.

  2. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    That’s a lotta f*cken links! The toast story was powerful.

  3. chacha1 Says:

    Maru is mighty mellow about having his claws clipped. One of mine is mellow (though not THAT mellow!), the other one acts like I am torturing him. There is always Drama and Sighing, and Indignant Lashing of Tail afterward.

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