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Well, there have been a lot of excellent posts this week on the Nature/Henry Gee/misogyny thing.  But I think we’re just going to link to this one.  It says all that needs to be said unless and until Nature takes actual action.  Academic and science readers, please pop over and sign it.

Lessee here… not linking to the post where JD says the best way to get rich is to get a lot more money in a little bit of time… Personally I think the best way to get rich is to be born with money.  Too bad it’s too late for that for most of us.

Sinfest 1 2.

The effects of parenthood on academic productivity among economists.

Wandering scientist should have split this post into 3 parts so we could link to each.  Go read the entire thing, it’s worth it.  Don’t worry, we’re short on links this week so you have extra time.

So cute!

“I love Wuthering Heights so much. That book is all, “Oh, you wanted to romanticize rural life? LET ME TELL YOU A TALE OF PSYCHOPATHIC NECROPHILIACS.” ”  Are you in a Bronte novel?

Where is MLK Blvd?

4 Responses to “Link love”

  1. Leah Says:

    So, you made me go find the JD Roth post anyway. Ugh. He completely ignores that some of those aren’t realities either. He also discounts some options that would help.

    I know he talks about transportation, but he fails to address nuances. For example, you have to do the math — is it better to have a slightly longer commute or a more expensive house? And where’s the actual discussion of loans, buying cars, and how much car you really need?

    I just found the article frustrating. The equation will be different for everyone. For us, what has worked well is to take these jobs that don’t pay well but work out well in other areas. And then we do live fairly simply. What I find most laughable is that he says that frugal tips will not get you rich, but that technique has worked very well for many to get rich slowly (ironic).

    It seems to me that JD thinks he knows a lot because he has plenty of money now, but he got that from his blog and having good luck to sell the blog. It’s not that he didn’t work hard, but he had access to resources others didn’t to get to this point.

  2. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    “Personally I think the best way to get rich is to be born with money.”

    I think the best way is to marry someone who has an incredibly well-paid jobbe!

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