Who goo? Google goo!

Q:  intelligent child will not sleep to stimulate or not stimulate

A:  We’ve opted for trying to get intelligent children lots of stimulation and exercise (or at least an hour each) as early in the day as possible.  It makes the day more bearable for everybody if we do, and gets them to sleep more.

Q:  on what occasion do you give each other presents?

A:  Christmas and our birthdays!

Q:  tiaa cref life funds?

A:  Yes!

Q:  should i pay off my student loans early

A:  Probably, but we’ll need more details to be sure.  Generally you want to pay off all your higher interest debt first, unless you’re planning on bankruptcy, in which case student loans aren’t discharge-able, so strategically you’d put money in there (morally, it depends).

Q:  what is financial independence of the press

A:  This looks like one of those take-home final questions.  Alas, we will not provide the answer for you on this one.

Q:  paragraph on the marriage partyof my cousion

A:  That is a weird homework assignment.  Remember to use spell-check.  And you can totally do this yourself– no need to plagiarize from the internet!  You’ll learn more if you do it that way too.

Q:  b list how much to spend on wedding gift

A:  As much or as little as you want.

Q:  is working two jobs worth it

A:  Not for us, but if you have more time than money, or if the second job is enjoyable, or if you’re heavily in debt and need to get ahead… it might be.

Q:  does unemployment hurt you

A:  Yes.  (On average.)  See Til von Wachter’s work on this topic.  Also Kory Kroft et al.’s new paper in the QJE.

Q:  is unemployment hurting people

A:  Probably yes.  See the Huffington Post or Daily Kos for heart-felt stories.

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One Response to “Who goo? Google goo!”

  1. Rosa Says:

    I hear about these mythical children who just go to sleep at bedtime after, say, spending an entire day indoors because it’s -20 outside, but we also have the “at least one hour of strenuous exercise plus some brain challenges” child and given general health recommendations for exercise for everyone I choose to believe ours is the more normal one.

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