If only google really knew the answers

Q:  What are some strange babywords

A:  My sister’s first word was “French fry”.  Yes, we are American.  When I was little I used to walk around saying “budgie budgie budgie”.  Not the bird, just a word.

Q:  is academia right for me

A:  If you are asking the internet, then probably not.

Q:  why cant i say anything normal facebook

A:  Abnormal situation.

Q:  if you were on a deserted island for 5 years and only had a choice of 1 food and 1 music band….what would they be?

A:  Pasta with toppings; U2

Q:  how to help gifted children sleep longer

A:  Just don’t.  Leave them alone.  Unless you suspect they actually do need more sleep and have apnea or something, but that has nothing to do with giftedness.

Q:  can you be a professor and take your summers off?

A:  “Can” you or “Should” you?  Define “off”.

Q:  what will trigger my ideal student to think of college?

A:  If they are ideal students, aren’t they already thinking of college?  Define “ideal”.  #2 notes that they might be under-privileged, in which case they may think they’re credit constrained.  Financial aid counseling!  Help completing the FAFSA!

Q:  why people shouldn’t complain about going to school in bad weather

A:  Because at least they don’t have to ride mastodons anymore; those things smelled fierce.

Q:  what is new on education these days?

A:  Everything old is new again.

Q:  overachieving mommies where are all the mellow and lazy moms blog

A:  Have you tried http://offbeatfamilies.com/ ?

9 Responses to “If only google really knew the answers”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    My son’s first word – at least I’m counting it as his first word because he always uses it to mean the same thing, “I want to eat that” – is “yum!”

  2. Leah Says:

    The best advice I had when deciding to leave academia came from a convo with a friend. She said she literally never stopped thinking about her research; she didn’t WANT to take a summer off. She would wake up thinking about research. And I decided that there is a level of dedication I didn’t care to reach.

    Funnily enough, I now think about how to best teach my students 24/7, and I don’t take the summers fully off either (though I do more thinking and reading than actual work most summers). This summer, I’m planning to rewrite curriculum for my advanced biology class.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      That’s probably mainly true if your opportunities for using your skillz are paid poorly. Less fun (academic) jobs requiring the same education/skill-level also pay more (because fewer people want to do them!) and don’t require so much dedication to be worthwhile.

  3. Leah Says:

    She was a PhD student — maybe that’s part of it?

    I take time off, for sure, but I think a lot about my classroom. I enjoy this (most of the time, other than grading), so it’s not a big hassle. We went backpacking last summer, and I spent a significant amount of time debating the merits of evolution first versus standard biology curriculum during our long hikes.

  4. oil_garlic Says:

    I must find lazy/mellow moms, too! I think I have to write a book called Parenting for Introverts….

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Parenting for introverts: Step 1: Pray that your child learns to read young and enjoys doing it! Failing that, Step 2: Video games!

      • oil_garlic Says:

        Very good advice! What about other parents and endless social engagements from birthday parties to sports, besides obviously just not attending?

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        3. Take turns with spouse for playdates and parties. If you have the funds (or extended family), realize that playdates and parties are the perfect time to for a babysitter (or grandparent) to watch your kids since you won’t be interacting with your kids during that time anyway. Once the children are older (~8-10 around here) realize that you can drop the kids off (assuming you trust the parents etc.) and don’t have to stick around.

  5. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    U2 are the fucken worst; I have no idea why they are so popular. I would kill myself if I were stuck on a desert island with nothing but U2 to listen to.

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