Google + grumpy = good

Q:  is there a penalty for paying off a mohela student loan earl

A:  Check with Mohela.  (#2 didn’t get a penalty, but YMMV.)

Q:  what happens if i pay my student loan off early

A:  You don’t have to make monthly student loan payments anymore and you can direct that money towards other things.  (We suggest other debt payment or retirement savings.  But YMMV.)

Q:  how does the government play a role in the used car market

A:  We’re thinking you got this question mixed up a little bit.  Your prof is probably trying to teach you about adverse selection.  However, if this is the correct question, we suggest looking at the state level of government for your answer, as different states have different regulations.

Q:  why would someone eat store bought baked goods over homemade

A:  Because they’re my sister’s friends and they have no taste-buds?  (Also I knew a germophobe who would only eat things prepared in industrial kitchens.  Also it’s possible the person making the homemade goods is a terrible cook.)

Q:  what happens if you attend an award ceremony not dressed up

A:  The world ends.  The fires of Hell rain down upon the nation.  And it is all your fault.

Q:  when your cooking are you really cooking

A:  Yes, because we’re just that awesome.

Q:  is it mean not wanting 2nd child

A:  absolutely not

Q:  how many holidays do university professors get in the us

A:  Depends on the school.  Some only do MLK, Thanksgiving and Spring Break.  Others have a holiday each month so the kids don’t commit suicide.

Q:  why dont financial advisors recommend tiaa-cref

A:  The only ones who don’t want you to pay higher fees using their own services so they get a kick-back.  Or you have access to Vanguard which has lower fees.

Q:  how call a guy? babe pr honey or sweetie?

A:  Any of the above or none of the above.  You have to work it out with him.  Note, none of the above is the correct answer if the gentleman is not romantically involved with you and is not your child.  Particularly if he is a coworker.


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