Link love

Are there no workhouses? Ironically, plagiarized…  If he’s going to steal from something with the opposite meaning, he should go back to Dickens.

Stay in school, kids.  From Femme Frugality.

Adjunctorium explains how adjuncting isn’t a job, it’s community service!

Surviving Academia explains the importance of bathroom placement

Author entropy explained.

Why faculty members work so much.

Feral homemaking with your Sunday evening laugh.

In the category of Onion stories that are actually true

Julia explains true horror and snow.

How model view culture was driven out of science.

Ashe Dryden talks about who bears the responsibility of diversity.  (Hint:  the answer should be white men.)

PZ Meyers talks about Marthe Gautier, yet another woman whose work was stolen and credited to a man.

This week is full of mommy wars in the various blogs. I wonder what it is about spring.

This time when I did the dialect quiz it gave me my high school town.

3 Responses to “Link love”

  1. Leah Says:

    Thanks for the Marthe Gautier information! I didn’t know that, and I’m going to use that as part of my capstone project now (I’m creating a resource for cultural/diversity education). I followed the links and found some primary literature on both sides of the controversy. So fascinating. Wish I had known that two weeks ago when I taught about Down Syndrome in class.

  2. Rented life Says:

    Both the city where I live and the city I was born in were in the 3 city list of where I’m “most similar” for the dialect quiz.

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