What do random people on the internet need to know? Google knows.

Q:  how to live like a millionaire on a thousandaire budget

A:  Read the Millionare Next Door for tips.

Q:  can a creditor take equity from your house even though it isn’t paid off ?

A:  Depends on the state, specifically their homestead exemption in bankruptcy proceedings.  (They can force you to sell in some states.)

Q:  my roommates and i share our meals. is the money they give me toward the groceries taxable?

A:  No.  (But check with an accountant just to be sure.)

Q:  who say that live everyday like last day

A:  Lots of silly people.

Q:  do you think kids should be forced to participate in athletics

A:  No

Q:  was arnold lobel gay

A:  Who knows?  He was married to a woman (Anita Lobel, also a children’s writer and illustrator) and had two children.  But he also died of complications to AIDS in 1987, a huge loss to children’s literature.

Q:  how miserable is the average person

A:  If I recall correctly, the answer is something like content.  But I’m not sure if that’s truly weighting for areas with constant stressors like in war zones or properly getting at people who are under constant repeated stress like slaves.  I dunno, there’s lots of books on happiness, you can look it up!

Q:  do you miss high school

A:  Not really

Q:  do you miss school

A:  NO.

Q:  is tiaa cref as good as vanguard?

A:  No, but it’s not bad either.

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