Link love

What’s the number #1 reason for increasing college costs? Reduced state funding.

Isis the scientist talks about why sexist bullshit in academia is not ok.

Mutant Supermodel has a new etsy store

Ombailamos on dead pregnant ladies in fiction.

Open culture with sweet child of mine new orleans jazz style.

Scalzi on enjoying problematic things.

The love for this snark.

Pianos turned bookshelves.

A concise history of black-white relations in the USA.

This makes me smile.

Another post we agree with on the Nazereth college rescinding thing.

Github thing.

Too much patriarchy.

If you love Jane Austen

Women who can do math still don’t get hired.

Observations of a changing gender presentation.

This “too much homework” thing is overblown.  Plus the comments are full of people saying, I don’t understand empirical evidence therefore you’re wrong.  They probably needed to do more math homework.

This just in:  Most Americans not putting enough in for retirement.

well… it DOES look pretty fun

miser mom disagrees with ee cummings

this is adorable

THIS IS TRUE.  Also this.

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  1. chacha1 Says:

    thanks for the link! :-)

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