Cat update

We still have 5 indoor cats.  No takers for the (3) kittens.  We’ve become attached to Garage Cat.  On top of that, outdoor Patio Cat has truly become our Patio Cat.  He mostly hangs out on our back porch and shelters in our patio when the weather is bad.  He loves pettings more than food.  He wishes he could come inside.  He’s good friends with outdoor Mamacat (who makes the occasional appearance to eat, and is usually on the porch in the wee hours quietly hanging with Patio Cat), but she still shies away from us.  He and Garage Cat are still mortal enemies and my hand got majorly scratched up (from Garage Cat) the one time Garage Cat and Patio Cat ended up on the patio at the same time.

The two little black kittens are both super loving and adorable, even the one who used to be mean kitty.  It seems like whenever I sit down I get covered in kitten(s), or occasionally by Garage Cat.  Boy kitten doesn’t like to be picked up, but is otherwise a sweetheart.  He’s almost as big as a full-sized cat, but the girl kittens are still smaller.

Garage cat and the kittens get along really well now.  They play together and Garage cat sometimes grooms the younger kitties.

My sister was going to take a kitten or two, but then her roommate got engaged and she’s waiting until she finds a new roommate to commit in case the new roommate is allergic or otherwise doesn’t like cats.  Really she should take Garage Cat because he’s so well-behaved and she’s not very experienced with pets, but Garage Cat is long-haired and she’s worried he will get hair on her furniture.  We believe this illustrates how she has No Idea about cats or kittens if a little fur is her biggest worry.

My MIL says she’ll take one, but just one, if we get it to her this summer.

One (or more) of the kittens, we’re not sure which one, occasionally pees on our bed.  I do not like this.  And I worry about said kitten ending up someplace that might not be as forgiving as we are.  At some point we’ll figure out which one it is and take it to the vet for a work-up to rule out physical causes.  It can’t be lack of litter boxes because we have 7 boxes for 5 cats, all of different shapes, sizes, and privacy, and they get cleaned out every day once or twice a day.  And they have no problem using them.  Just occasionally one will pee on the bed in addition to regular litter box use.

So that’s the cat update.  This time last year we had two middle-aged indoor cats.  Now we have 5 indoor cats and 2 outdoor cats.  That’s too many.  But that’s what we have for now.


18 Responses to “Cat update”

  1. plantingourpennies Says:

    Oooh, peeing outside the litter box is a cardinal sin in our house. Luckily Kitty PoP has never tried it out.

    • Leah Says:

      Our cat peed outside the box one time. We used to have a towel in front of the box to catch her tracking litter, and she let us know exactly how much she disliked that towel.

      Now, I just deal with sweeping up the floor around the box every day.

  2. Alicia Says:

    Oh my, we sound very similar. We have four indoor cats (I had two, and my fiancé had two… which then makes four when we moved in together a few years back), but we also have an outdoor cat that our neighbour abandoned who we take care of. If it wasn’t so crazy to have five cats, and if the outdoor cat didn’t have dominance issues for living outside so long, he would be in with us. But we’re trying to re-home him. When one of our cats pass away (sadly) we definitely won’t be keeping the numbers at four. Three is max for us!

  3. kellen Says:

    I’m a big fan of at least 2 cats per house, especially if they’re indoor-only, so they’re not just locked up inside completely alone a lot of the time. 5 is a whole bunch though!

  4. OMDG Says:

    That’s a lot of kitties!

  5. Norwegian Forest Cat Says:

    When I was kitty-browsing, I told the rescue place that I was hoping to get a cat that was any age, but definitely had to be short-haired and preferably not black because I have white carpet. And what happened? I got a black long-haired kitty, because they told me “Oh, you should just meet her, you’ll love her” and they were right. She’s so friendly that she even won over my SO, who is now allergy-drugging himself into oblivion in preparation for moving in together. So, maybe your sister just needs to do a short test run with Garage Cat, just enough time to let him win her over. Any cat will shed some, and as long as she is sure to brush him regularly it won’t be any worse than with a short-haired kitty. Cat-brushing time in my house is one of my kitty’s favorite times of the day, so it works out well for both of us. :)

    I meant to comment on one of the previous cat updates–kudos to you for rounding up the kitties and getting them all fixed. One of my old coworkers has several formerly feral cats which have been semi-tamed, and he managed to catch them one by one and take them in to keep them from making more stray cat babies. It’s an uphill battle to manage the stray population, but it’s one that you can always make a contribution to!

    • chacha1 Says:

      fwiw I’ve found that giving my cats a periodic sponge bath seems to help with shedding and dander issues. A rubdown with a damp paper towel – easy, fast, and amazingly enough they like it, especially when it’s hot or dry outside. :-)

      • Norwegian Forest Cat Says:

        The vet recommended the damp paper towel trick also–I was curious what else I could do to help with my SO’s allergies, and that was their favorite one. She seems to think it’s a game and likes to attack the paper towels though, so one ball of paper on the floor is needed for a distraction. Oh, kitties. So playful!

  6. delagar Says:

    I too am very strict about having at least two cats (one cat gets so lonely). But seven cats is a lot!

  7. chacha1 Says:

    My husband has instituted a Cat Density Ratio of one per bedroom. Which is reasonable, especially if your cats did not grow up together and kind of don’t like cats, like ours. LOL

    This is why I need a castle, though. So I can be a sucker and adopt more cats.

  8. Rosa Says:

    I would take another cat, if we were local to you. Which we’re not. But our current cat seems to enjoy being an Only Cat so I’m in no hurry. I assume at some point another cat will attach itself to us.

    My plan was to get a middle-aged cat or a large (short-lived) dog so in about 10 years when the child moves out we could be dependent-free for the first time ever. But child chose a 2 year old cat so I expect to have an elderly cat in about 15 years or so. Maybe I can make the child take the cat to college, she loves him best anyway.

  9. Suburban Finance Says:

    Oh wow that’s quite plenty. I hate when cats pee anywhere they like! Is there a way to train them though?

  10. darchole Says:

    Do you have litterboxes in different locations? It might be that one of the other cats is territorial about their box and occasionally interferes when one of the younger cats goes to use it or the other nearby.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      yup 5 scattered across Kitten island, which is the master bathroom which is as big as our first apartment was but longer (so they’re spread out even in that room), and 2 in the utility room

      I don’t think this is an “oh I can’t use the litterbox” issue so much as an “I prefer to use their bed” issue. Or one of the kittens has a physical issue.

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