Thank goodness for Google (and for us too)

Q:  .047 is written as what percent

A:  You need to know what the base number is.  Otherwise you can’t get a percent.  You can get a percentage point, and that would be .047* 100 = 4.7.  But that’s different than percent.

Q:  why is doing traditional computation not doing mathematics

A:  It is, just not much mathematics.

Q:  what percent of 5.036 is .047

A:  MATH.  [#2 adds:  is/(%|of) *100 … so .047/5.036 = .00933 *100 = 0.933]

Q:  why do humans do things thwy shouldnt do


Q:  what i can do after payoff mortgage to protect from collector

A:  Consult a bankruptcy attorney about the laws in your state.

Q:  why are teenagers forced to do things they don’t want to do

A:  For their own good or for the good of society?  Unless they’re in a bad situation and that just sucks.  :(

Q:  i work out and i feel fit but i am not losing any weight. should that bother me?

A:  Probably not.  (We are not a physician, but we play one on TV.)

#2 notes:  muscle weighs more than fat but takes up less space.

Q:  best part time jobs to pay off deb

A:  could you go to work for Deb directly?

Q:  what do people rather prefer pepperoni or cheese

A:  Both, and sausage too.

Q:  what’s your least favorite chore game

A:  Clean the Toilet.


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